Romantic Dinner Ideas?

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Oct 19, 2004
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you've already gotten so many good ideas I'm not going to add any.
I do agree with the person that said to keep it simple.
If you're new at this, and sounds like you are, you don't want to do a huge complicated undertaking.
Love the idea of a rotiserrie chicken from the market too.
They are cooked to perfection usually, and all you do is yank the meat off and use however you so desire.
What's your favorite vegetable? If you like something that much, bet she would too.
Like I found a great recipe for Brussels Sprouts au gratin in Country Living magazine I think it was. Gad, is it ever good and really a crowd pleaser, but then, we all like bs and many may not. Even if it's candied/glazed carrots rounds, with lot's of butter, brown sugar, honey, salt and pepper, that could and would taste wonderful.
Caesar Salad, yep, easy and wonderful.
Dessert, you can do a couple if you'd like.
The strawberry's dipped in chocolate, is wonderful too.
I attended a party where the long stemmed strawberry's were set out with 5 little bowls next to them for your dipping pleasure.
Chocolate syrup, brown sugar, honey or powdered sugar, spreckles, you dipped what you liked.
BarbL has a great easy and fun idea for her cakes. Ask her if you want something easy that you can personalize according to the fruit you like best. It's fruity cake. WONDERFUL and EASY PEASY.
Whatever you decide, please report back, we'd love to hear the results of your hard work. Good luck.​
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Feb 8, 2006
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Here is a chicken pasta dish that I make in the summer. I make my own pesto and I grill the chicken breasts but since you are a novice, I don't see why you couldn't buy a rotisserie chicken and already prepared pesto at the store.

Pesto Chicken with Bow Ties

2 large chicken breasts grilled (use a rotisserrie bird if you like)
1 cup pesto (homemade or store bought)
8 oz bow tie pasta, cooked and drained
1/4 c parm cheese, shredded
8 oz package of sliced mushrooms
2 T butter

Cook the pasta according to the package instructions. Meanwhile, in a medium sized saucepan, cook the mushrooms in the butter over medium heat until they are soft (about 10 minutes).

Cut the chicken into bite sized bits. When the pasta is done, drain it well and toss it with the fresh pesto (can use store bought), the mushrooms and parm cheese.

Note - I sometimes throw in a handful of homegrown chopped tomatoes, in with the pasta at the end.

This is great with a tossed salad.

For a romantic dessert, I would either purchase or make something chocolate.

Good luck with your dinner - I know your girlfriend will appreciate the effort! I've been married 3 years and my husband cooked dinner ONCE. He made tacos one night when I worked late and when I came home and saw him standing over the stove - I grabbed our camera and took his picture because I knew it would never happen again!

Let us know how things turn out.


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Jul 3, 2007
Thanks guys I will. And in regards to keeping it simple, I am...none of the recipes I'm doing are difficult at all. However I'm not going to do storebought or anything like that...that's not really the point of what I'm doing. Honestly having everything work out perfectly and it tasting amazing is secondary becasue the thing she'll like most is the fact that I'm putting in the effort to make something nice...she'd be much more touched by me trying to make something crazy and totally bombing out than she would by me buying something/doing something really really basic and having it taste good. Plus trying to jazz things up (haha at least by my cooking standards, I'm sure you guys could whip this stuff up in your sleep) is much more fun!!
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