Rosca de Reyes

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mexican mama

Senior Cook
Aug 5, 2009
The holidays are here again and coming from a Mexican descent I grew up in a family that follows traditions especially in food preparation. My Gran used to bake Rosca de Reyes or Three King Bread/King's Cake. It's a delicious and delicate bread form like a king's crown adorned with candied fruits like citron, orange, lime peel etc...I remember my aunts making this the night of Jan 5 for the Wise Men's/Dia de Reyes day on Jan 6. i also remember the ceramic baby Jesus inside the cake and whoever gets it must prepare tamales and atole. These traditions are passed down from generation and now its our turn to continue and pass it down.

Here is a recipe of Rosca de Reyes:chef:
Mexican Holiday Pastries: Rosca de Reyes:

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