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Wittdogs B

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Jun 13, 2006
West Seneca, NY
We had dave's family picnic on the fourth--it is a family tradition to meet at the same park every year-- this year was the 60th year! Needless to say we did not q :-( ; we did bring some homemade polish sausage to grill up at the picnic. Cut out early due to children needing naps (as well as dave since he was working that night).

Dave had done up a ton of chicken on Saturday, so I finally used a bunch of sauces the couple days as I reheated on the grill, starting with dinner on the fourth.

The Billy Bones that Bruce sent up was very good. (and I have been eating the hell out of the preserves he sent in case dave hasn't mentioned it-- i figure if i eat it fast enough i won't have to share :idea: )

I also liked the Rev. Marvin's, which I know is a favorite around here-- I made that chicken all "froo-froo" (frou-frou?) by roasting a red pepper and putting that and fresh mozzerella on it. mmmmm....

And the kids inhaled the drumsticks with Penn's sauce on it, and were sniffing around for more.

Thanks everyone! It's been good eats round here!

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