Savory Bread Dressing stuffed Beef Roulade

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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
Another alternate protein centerpiece for Christmas, or New Years Eve - stuffed Beef Roulade.

I was 12 years old, selling Grit Newspaper on a cold. sleet filled November evening. I walked 4 miles to complete my route. As I knocked on the door of one of my customers, the elderly couple, about the same age as my own grandparents, opened the door. My nose was filled with the aroma of something yummy. They invited me inside to warm up for a bit. I thankfully entered the warm home. They were just serving up supper, and offered me a plate. I was hesitant, but they insisted. That was my first experience with dressing stuffed beef roulade. It was so very good, especially to a skinny, shivering 12 yea old on a cold November evening.

That act of kindness is the definition of kindness, and Christmas. So you can see how this meal holds a special place in my heart, and memory.

Ok, story aside, here's how you make it.

Chief's Beef Roulade

2 lb. round steak, or sirloin steak
2 1/4 cups bread dressing

2 cups bread croutons
1 tbs. dried sage
1 onion, rustic chop
1 stalk celery, sliced
1 large egg
1 cup beef broth
1 cup sliced mushrooms2 tsp. ground black pepper
2 tsp. granulated garlic

Roulade drippings, 1 cup beef broth
2 tbs. butter
2 tbs. flour
1 cup beef broth

Preheat oven to 350' F.

Place steak between sheets of plastic cling wrap. Pound with meat mallet until thin enough to easily roll.

Combine dressing engrediants, usigng enogh broth to make it all wet, but not gooey. Spread dressing mixture on top of pounded steal. Jelly-roll the meat, securing with toothpicks. Place into a covered roasting pan. Place into the oven, and roast for 45 minutes. Remove the pan lid, and baste with meat juices. Roast another 15 minutes.

Remove the roast t a serving platter. Deglaze the roasting an with the beef broth. Heat butter, and flour in a sauce pan until golden (blonde roux). Slowly whisk the pan au jus into the roux to make a rich gravy. Serve with Jasmin rice, or mashed potatoes, and honey glazed carrots. And, if you have one, invite your paper boy in, or someone who could use a hot meal on a cold night.

Seeeeya; Cief Longwind of the North
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