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Senior Cook
Jul 14, 2006
Essex, England
We have spent the last few days on a business trip to Glasgow, and what a wonderful city it is. We decided that we would visit a few of the Italian restaurant's that abound there and I have penned our experiences,s as accurately as I can. This is my firs visit to Glasgow that I have not traveled back on the same day. I am glad we dawdled a while.

The comments below as always are IMHO and I have no connection to any of those mentioned.

On Friday night we visited the Quo restaurant, it apparently, had a good reputation.
We where not disappointed by the decor, it was bright and bustling as would be expected being a new restaurant, and the waiters where helpful and friendly.

The anti Pasta (Fungi Accoppiata Ripieni) was nice.

but the Tagliatelle Arcre did not impress me as much as I had hoped for, it was acceptable

The House red was good

Merchants square

(owner is Fredrico from Big Brother - opened approx 2 months ago (Big brother is a popular TV programme over here).

Fungi Accoppiata Ripieni (breaded mushrooms stuffed with mushroom pate)

Tagliatelle Arcre (tiger prawns, chopped tomatoes, truffel oil, white wine and rocket salad)
Penne Quo Quo Qua (penne pasta, courgettes, saffron, prawns and fresh cream.

Saturday Evening’s food turned out to be the best meal of the entire visit. I had noticed the Piccolo Mondo as we where walking down Argyle Street During the day and decided it was worth a visit. We where not disappointed.

The Moules where plump and delicious and the bread that we mopped up the sauce with was very good, We had seconds and nothing remained on the plate.

Pasta Principessa,( what can I say it was an absolute joy to eat. I would go as far as saying that it was the best Italian dish we have had for a long time.(pasta tossed in a sauce made with fillets of chicken breast, parma ham, white wine, petit pois, fresh tomato, garlis, basil and cream).

I talked to the owner Tony who was always in attendance and told him of my delight in discovering his restaurant. He took us on a tour of his wine cellar and the kitchen where his wife (chef Madam Juliana) rules, wonderful people.

I can highly recommend this establishment.

Piccolo Mondo, 344 Argyle Street, Glasgow (chef Madam Juliana). 0141 248 2481. Email

Moules mariniere

Pasta Principessa (pasta tossed in a sauce made with fillets of chicken breast, parma ham, white wine, petit pois, fresh tomato, garlis, basil and cream.

The restaurant that we where both keen to try was, the Italian Kitchen in Merchants square almost next door to Quo. It has a huge reputation and as we walked in I was hoping for something special. It has a large pizza oven in the middle of the restaurant where they also bake bread, the smell was wonderful. Alas the food was not.
It may have been that we had to eat early as we had places to get to later that evening, but I was really disappointed.

I had the Spagetti Alla Pescatora (mixed seafood, tomatoes and white wine) I could not taste the individual pieces of fish as the sauce masked the flavour of everything and was very bland,
the Pasta was over cooked and some of it was sticking together. I suppose I should have complained but time was pushing on.

Caroline fared better she had the
Tagliatelle al Salmone Affumicato (tagliatelle with smoked salmon, timatoe and cream) and informed me it was delicious and wouldn't swap lol.

All in all We enjoyed out stay and would go for longer next time.

One more thing We had our morning breakfast’s at Metropolitan, Merchant Square, Candleriggs, Glasgow. 0141 553 1483 -, email
And can recommend it Try their Porridge, Wonderful with honey and strawberries.


Sous Chef
Jul 17, 2006
Scottish Borders of England
OMG dave i love Piccolo Mondo one of my favs

When you and caroline are up this way again maybe eyemouth or along the berwick coast or even edinburgh gavin and i will treat you!

Half Baked

Executive Chef
Jul 16, 2006
I'm glad you got some good eating in while on a business trip. Sounds like Caroline won when picking out dishes and I think it is so funny that she wouldn't trade. Did you at least get a bite. :LOL:


Senior Cook
Jul 14, 2006
Essex, England
Good morning Jen.
That would be great. Next time we are up in your kneck of the woods I will let you know :)

Yes Jan I did get to taste, but only one fork full :mad: and yes it was good :chef:


"You should have visited south ayrshire we are a lovely bunch here"
Next time

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