Sidebox Smoker with 3 Smoke Chambers - Will it work?

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Assistant Cook
Jun 13, 2008
Hey guys,

I am thinking about modifying a small trailer smoker with an additional smoke chamber. I am looking for some advice from smokers and smoker builders. The smoker has a 20 X 20 X 17 firebox (I will probably make this bigger) and the smoke chamber is a 36 in long 20 in diameter pipe. I want to add a 12" X 35" pipe just above it connected by a 4" vent. The picture shows basically what I am attempting to do.

Will the 2nd and 3rd chambers keep a good temperature or will there be a significant temperature drop? Will the flow of air be hampered by the many turns? I really appreciate all your expert advice!



Sous Chef
Sep 30, 2005
I think there would a a big drop in temp but I am no expert in building smokers. I sure somebody who has more knowledge will come along soon.
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