Son’s destiny test

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Mar 16, 2005
Queen Creek, AZ
Son’s destiny test


A preacher has a 17 year old son that has just graduated from Highschool and was wondering which path in life his son was going to take.
So he devised a test to determine his sons calling. he went up to his room and put a bible, a dollar coin and a bottle of whiskey on the young mans desk.
He then hid in his sons room and waited.
He figured that if the boy picked up the bible he would follow in his dad's footsteps and be a preacher. This, of course, would please his dad greatly.
If he picked up the Coin it would mean that he would be a business man and this would be OK also.
But if he picked up the whiskey it would mean a lifetime of addiction and drunkeness and he would be greatly disappointed.

His son walked in and deposited his belongings on the bed and then turned to leave when he spotted the items sitting on the desk. he paused as if contemplating his next move that would determine his destiny.
he then picked up the bible and stuck it under his arm, he also picked up the dollar coin and stuffed it in his pocket and on his way out he stuffed the whiskey into his back pocket.

The pastor was sitting in the room by himself and he started crying. he then cried out in despair!
Oh My God!! He's going to be a Congressman!!
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