Stupid question about Stuffed peppers

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Oct 19, 2013
Southeast US
I leave the chiles rellenos to the pros, but I think Rick Bayless and others would have some good recipes.
I keep my dried chiles almost forever. I still have some Thai hots I grew 20 years ago that are still potent.

Thanks. I guess my dried chili's are good to go!

I prefer stuffing red ones over bell peppers of other colors. I find red bell pepper sweeter and compliments or enhances the taste of the fillings used.

I most certainly agree Ernesto.

I've done both green and red, and my wife prefers the red. That makes me outvoted by 10 to 1, at least!

I like green too. I just prefer the red ones when stuffing. I think the appearance plays a large roll in my choice.

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Jul 21, 2009
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I guess I'm the odd person out here because I LOVE stuffed green bells...
Nope, not alone. Himself and I are in the green pepper camp, too. Even better, the stand-alone grocery store in the next town over will sell "suntan peppers" at about half the price of the cheap green ones. The suntan ones are red ones that aren't ripening evenly, so they're splotchy red-and-green. Just the right amount of mix.

If I was limited to only one color of pepper available, I'd vote for yellow. Just the right amount of sweet, but still with enough "bite" so you don't think of it as a piece of fruit.

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