Sunday Dinner, Sept. 10th

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Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
I was expecting a friend in from Colorado, so had to put a meal on hold. You know what I mean. No one knows when supper will be. I know they like white-meat-chicken, so had bought a bag of the IQF ones at my local. When they thawed I almost freaked. Now, when I buy leg portions at $.29/lb, I'm not terribly surprised that they are sometimes kind of deformed. You should have seen these "breasts"!!! I've never seen so many weird shapes and sizes. So I told hubby, let's get pounding. We beat those sorry things into submission. We "breaded" them (a trick here .... instant mashed potato flakes make great breading, especially if what you really want in panko). Hubby had made some harissa which I freeze in serving size. Couscous (what is called here Israeli -- when it comes down to it, the size of the pasta in Italian Wedding Soup)(cooked it in stock, put in dried cranberries, capers, pistachios). Garden cukes in a yogurt-based-ranch-style dressing. Maytag blue, pecans, and pears for desert.

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