Sunday Special-A to Z People, Places, Things

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Dec 20, 2005
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Sunday Special-A to Z People, Places, Things
Part One
A to M

Reminder-Answer to #1 begins with A, #2 begins with B, etc...........

1. In FLASHDANCE, this pretty nineteen-year-old labors during the day as a welder, but
at night works as an exotic dancer at Dawby's bar, where she douses herself with water
amid flashing strobe-lighting...
2. Classic chewing gum manufactured by Topps and distinguished by the tiny comic
strips found inside each wrapper. Purchase price; one penny...
3. Shapely Italian gals wore these slim calf-length pants before they were introduced to
the USA by american tourists...
4. Considered to be ABBA's biggest single ever, (and their ONLY #1 on the US charts),
this zingy 1977 disco hit was first performed by the group at the wedding of the king of
5. "Build yourself a great kid!"-this toy allowed boys to build skyscrapers, robots,
planes, atc.-it trained several generations of engineers, giving them the feel of metal...
6. What the word "Mardi Gras" translates to in English...
7. Ingredient hyped in Colgate Dental Cream... It's colgate's trademark for sodium nlauroyl
8. It's the scientific name for the big toe....
9. It's the memorable complaint in a 1970's TV commercial for Alka-Seltzer...
10. Brooklyn school that was the setting for TV's Welcome Back, Kotter...
11. Favorite hangout of TV's Archie Bunker of All in the Family... (Archie buys the bar,
after the death of his wife, Edith in the spin-off, Archie's Place)
12. It was one of Saturday Night Live's earlier on-going comedy skits in which the once-
popular JAWS craze was spoofed...
13. The name of the enlightening manicurist at the Salon East Beauty Parlor who soaked
her clients' nails in Palomlive Liquid...


1. Alex (Owens)
2. Bazooka Gum
3. Capri pants
4. Dancing Queen
5. Erector Sets
6. "Fat Tuesday"
8. Hallux
9. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
10. James Buchanan High School
11. Kelcy's Bar
12. Land shark
13. Madge
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