Sunday Special - Name That (Beatles) Tune!

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Dec 20, 2005
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Sunday Special - Name That (Beatles) Tune !

1. "You got me going, just like I knew you would."
2. "We danced through the night, and we held each other tight, and before
too long, I fell in love with her".
3. "My girl says when I kiss her lips, she gets the thrill through her
4. "We're gonna have some fun tonight, everything will be all right".
5. "I got no kick against modern jazz, unless they try to play it too darn
6. "Your lovin' give me a thrill, but your lovin' don't pay my bills".
7. "I'm an old poor boy and I'm a long way from home".
a. - Bad Boy
b. - Matchbox
c. - Kansas City
d. - Slow Down
8. "You know my temperature's rising and the juke box's blown a fuse".
9. "Come on, give me fever, put your little hand in mine".
a. - Slow Down
b. - Any Time At All
c. - Bad Boy
d. - Dizzy Miss Lizzie
10. "Woke up last night, half past four, fifty women knocking on my door".
11. "Man buys ring, woman throws it away".
a. - The Night Before
b. - Any Time At All
c. - Drive My Car
d. - I'm Down
12. "Don't you know it's gonna be alright."
13. "Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west
14. "Tell me the answer, you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer".
15. "I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there".
16. "Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here"
17. "I don't know why nobody told you, How to unfold your love"
18. "And if somebody loved me like she do me, Oh, she do me, Yes, she does"
19. "In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home"
20. "Joan was quizzical, studied pataphysical, Science in the home"
1. Twist And Shout
2. I Saw Her Standing There
3. Boys
4. Long Tall Sally
5. Rock And Roll Music
6. Money (That's What I Want)
7. – b
8. Roll Over Beethoven
9. – d
10. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
11. – d
12. Revolution
13. Back In the U.S.S. R.
14. Helter Skelter
15. Got To Get You Into My Life
16. Here Comes the Sun
17. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
18. Don't Let Me Down
19. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
20. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
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