Superbowl Sunday Dinner, February 12, 2023

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Apr 19, 2011
Sandy Eggo
Nobody eats dinner on Superbowel Sunday. They graze, munch and snack.

I had a frozen rising crust 3 meat pizza to which I added sliced olives, pepperoncini and pecarino Romano; home made Buffalo wings made with the origianl Anchor Bar recipe; Ritz crackers with jalapeño cheddar cheese and cheddar cheese and smokey bacon spreads, White Cheddar Chex mix; and almond, cashew, peanut, M&M and raisin trail mix. It was washed down with a half litre of Pepsi Zero Sugar and a half litre of Fresca. No alcohol because I wanted to see the secnond half of the game for a change! ;)
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