TGIF Dinner Plans - Sept 15/17

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Jul 21, 2009
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...the Indians may just never lose again! :LOL: I doubt that, though. Indeed, I may have just jinxed them with my comment. We'll find out in about 4 hours. Whatever happens, it's been a lot of fun. :w00t:
Yup, jinxed them. :( My Cleveland Indians won 22 games in a row, but tonight it ended. Still, it sure was a fun streak!

...tonight's meal is scallop pieces and Brussels sprouts cooked with bacon, a rice mix of white and long grained on the side, and a tossed salad. Size of salads depends on how much I can stretch the iceberg and napa...
Well, we both know what dinner will be at Chez Goddess tomorrow. :LOL: I ran out of steam by the time I was done with my post-vacation routine. We each had two small grilled cheese sandwiches. Wegmans Italian bread (the only Italian bread I like) with American cheese and bread-and-butter pickles for Himself. I had one with B&B pickles, plus one with fresh tomato.


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Jan 16, 2016
Puget Sound, WA
Maybe they're dastardly dastards. You never know.

I had a tuna melt with a bowl of sliced watermelon. I'm kind of proud of myself. I was going to go out and eat and instead I opted for something in. Not that a tuna melt is all that great, but it's got to be better than 1000 calorie chicken sandwich from Burger King.

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