Toasted Quinoa - How can I toast quinoa I wash it?

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Assistant Cook
Aug 29, 2022
Hi there,

I enjoy cooking rice by toasting it first followed by simmering it. It comes out really good.

Because toasting rice prevents the rice grains from sticking together, there is no need to wash the rice.

However, with quinoa I believe the situation is different. When you wash quinoa, you are not just trying to get rid of a substance that will make it stick together, you are also removing the saponin in it - because the saponin ruins the taste of the quinoa.

This presents a problem because I need to wash my quinoa but you cannot toast wet quinoa. On top of that, if I washed the quinoa and left it to dry, it would presumably create the perfect growing conditions for bacteria - moisture and room temperature etc etc.

Any ideas?


Site Team
Staff member
Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
I also rinse my rice and I toast it too.

After rinsing, drain well, add a tsp or so of oil to a pan and toast, stirring.

Try that with your rinsed quinoa. Rinse and drain well, toast with a tsp of oil.

Try using a fairly large frying pan. this way the grain lays in a single layer, rather than a pot.

Yes, there is an extra pot to wash but if that's the result you want then the extra step is always worth it.


Senior Cook
Sep 1, 2020
These days, quinoa comes pre-washed. You don't need to rinse it so thoroughly. I guess it depends where you live and where you buy your quinoa, but... I suspect it's pretty much the same in NZ as it is here in Vancouver, BC. Toast it straight from the bag/box whatever lol.

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