Today's dinner, Tuesday 30 Oct 07

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Chef Extraordinaire
Feb 11, 2007
Last night's dinner was Johnsonville mild italian sausages (done on the grill of course. I'm on my fourth tank of propane already since buying my new grill!), peppers and onions sandwiches. I roasted some garlic (in the garlic roaster that was mentioned here) and made a spread for the toasted rolls with the mashed up garlic by adding spicy brown mustard and mayo to it. Potato wedges that were nuked first (again, like I saw mentioned here :)), fried and seasoned liberally with a steak seasoning. With ranch dip. Then a nice salad with my favorite, crumbled blue cheese on top and Catalina dressing. Don't know what's up with that, but I've been on a Catalina dressing kick lately.

I always say I'm going to have the same thing the following day with the leftover sausages, but I always end up eating them cold as snacks. Usually before lunch :pig: I love cold link sausage.


Washing Up
Mar 25, 2006
Culpeper, VA
Yesterday I made what turned out to be a really terrific "Spicy Black Bean With Turkey Chorizo Sausage Soup". Served it up with a cast-iron skillet of Jalapeno-Cheddar Cornbread. Just perfect for a frosty autumn supper.
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