Trivia 11/16

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Dec 20, 2005
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trivia 11/16
Moses' brother Aaron talked for Moses because Moses had a bad stuttering

1. I'm gonna to fianchetto a bishop......... what exactly am I doing ?
2. This alcoholic drink is the mixture of any light beer such as Light Ale,
or Budweiser and a soft drink like carbonated lemonade: What is it called ?
3. Which British author created Gunga Din in 1892?
4. What U. S. president released control of the Panama Canal to Panama ?
5. Where would you find a coxswain?
6. What common fastener was inspired by a Swiss man out for a walk with his
7. If I say "Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce" you would say
8. The original 'Boot Hill' cemetery is located in what city ?

The outward opening emergency exit door with the push bar came about as the
result of 183 children dying in a concert stampede .
1. Making a move in a game of Chess
2. a Shandy
3. Rudyard Kipling
4. Jimmy Carter
5. In a boat
6. Velcro
7. Cream
8. Tombstone, Arizona

in 1883 !
Known as the Victoria Hall disaster, 1,100 children were attending a
children's variety concert at this venue. At the conclusion of the show
gifts were distributed from the stage at the same time lucky prize winning
tickets were announced. The children all rushed down the stairs to get
through a very narrow door which opened inwards. They were squashed and
trampled upon by each other in the crush, with the resulting death of 183
children. One man present tore the door off the hinges with his bare hands
to save them, but it was too late. This national outrage brought about the
outward-opening emergency exit doors. A monument in Mowbray Park,
Sunderland, marks this tragedy.
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