Trivia 11/26

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Dec 20, 2005
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trivia 11/26
A bat can eat as many as 3,000 insects in one night .

1. Peaches & Herb had only one single that charted at number one.......
which was it ?
a. - Close Your Eyes
b. - Love is Strange
c. - Shake Your Groove Thing
d. - Reunited
2. When solving a division problem that works out evenly in mathematics,
what is the answer called?
3. Fill in the Blank ;
The _________ is the amount left over if the division problem does not work
out equally.
4. Which two metals combine to form brass?
5. Name That TV Series ;
Rock Hudson & Susan St. James co-Star in this one ...
6. When is the best time to view the sun's corona ?
7. Who was the first American to orbit the earth?
8. Which of the Fifty is it ;
Tree: sugar maple Flower: red clover Bird: hermit thrush The state animal is
the Morgan horse
a. - New Hampshire
b. - Vermont
c. - Maine
d. - Massachusetts

During 1991 the songs, 'Waterloo' by ABBA, 'Fields of Fire' by Big
Country, 'Love is a Battlefield' by Pat Benatar and 'Rubber Bullets' by 10cc
were all banned by the BBC.
1. - d
2. Quotient
3. Remainder
4. Copper and Zinc
5. McMillan and Wife
6. During a full Solar Eclipse
7. John Glenn
8. - b

These are just a fraction of a list of songs that were banned by the BBC due
to the political situation at that time in the Middle East and specifically
after combat operations had commenced in what later became known as the Gulf
War. Other, usually innocuous, songs by artists that also fell foul and that
found themselves 'outside the wire' included Elton John's 'Saturday Night's
Alright for Fighting', the Maria Muldaur song 'Midnight at the Oasis',
'Hunting High and Low' by Norwegian band A-ha and the 1974 Paper Lace
release 'Billy Don't be a Hero'. All bans on any of the songs on the list,
which ran to a total of sixty-seven, have since been lifted.


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