Trivia 11/8

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Dec 20, 2005
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trivia 11/8
In the 1950s, a GOP political dynasty was born in Connecticut with the
election of Sen. Prescott Bush.

1. What is the Capital of Tasmania ?
(Hint; Starts with “H”...)
2. The Romance languages are all derived from which original language?
3. In Greek mythology, which hero used the name "Outis", which means
"nobody", to fool Polyphemus?
4. The Hare Krishna Movement has its roots in which world religion?
5. Which river in Vietnam is known as the Nine Dragons because of its
expansive delta ?
6. What was the Oscar - winning song that came out of the film, "Breakfast
at Tiffany's" ?
7. Which is not a color on an original Rubik's Cube?
a. - Green
b. - White
c. - Purple
d. - Orange
8. Which Canadian artist was the first musician to have 17 singles on the
weekly Billboard Hot 100 chart?
a. - Anne Murray
b. - Neil Young
c. - Joni Mitchell
d. - Justin Bieber

In ancient Egypt a popular funeral offering was onions.
1. Hobart
2. Latin
3. Odysseus
4. Hindu
5. the Mekong
6. 'Moon River'
7. - c
8. - d

Onion is Latin for 'large pearl.' A basket of onions was considered a
respectable funeral offering in ancient Egypt, second only to a basket of
bread. Onions, with their circular layers, represented eternity and were
found in the eyes of King Ramses IV who died in 1160 B.C.
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