Trivia 3/1

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Dec 20, 2005
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trivia 3/1
There are 118 grooves etched into the edge of a dime . A quarter has 119.

1. Which African country has it's capital at Accra ?
2. To which country must I travel to visit St. Tropez ?
3. Henry J. Heinz got his start making his first product in his basement and selling it door-
to-door, along with excess vegetables from his garden; what was that product ?
a. tomato ketchup
b. sweet pickles
c. vinegar
d. horseradish
4. The world's largest indoor mall, the Mall of America, is located in what
town ?
5. Name that comic book Villain;
Greatest of all Spiderman foes -real name: Norman Osborne II -he has green skin and
pointed ears. His Pumpkin bombs can be a real pain in the butt for the amazing webslinger...
6. Which of the world's islands reaches the highest elevation ?
a. – Greenland
b. – Borneo
c. - New Guinea
d. – Hawaii
7. Who wrote The Pickwick Papers ?
8. To which country must I travel to visit the Costa del Sol ?

Chemist Helena Rubenstein was the inventor and first marketer of mascara .
1. Ghana
2. France
3. – d
4. Bloomington
5. Green Goblin
6. New Guinea
7. Charles Dickens
8. Spain
Mascara in one form or another has been around since the Egyptians circa 4,000 BC !
Eugene Rimmel, a French perfume magnate, was the first to commercially market
mascara in the 1830s, and his name is still the word for "mascara" in some languages.
Modern mascara was created in 1913 by a chemist named T. L. Williams for his sister,
Mabel. This early mascara was made from coal dust mixed with Vaseline Petroleum
Jelly. The product was a success with Mabel, and Williams began to sell his new product
through the mail. His company, Maybelline, a combination of his sister's name and
Vaseline, eventually became a leading cosmetics company.
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