Trivia 8/28

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Dec 20, 2005
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trivia 8/28
Warren G. Harding, who used to be our most scandal-plagued POTUS, lost the
White House China in a poker game .

1. "Split Personalities Dept : - Benjamin Braddock, Michael Dorsey
2. Can you name the Sitcom from these few lines from the first episode ??
(The Doorbell rings)
"There goes that sound again".
"What is that"?
"I don't know, but I bet there is someone at the door again. Every time we
hear that music there is someone at the door".
3. In the classic 1883 children's novel 'The Adventures of Pinocchio', what
is the name of the title character's father?
(Correct Spelling Please...)
4. Who first released the song, "You Really Got Me"?
5. "The Captain Midnight Show" was sponsored by .........
6. In "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", what was Charlie's Surname ?
7. In the Bible, there are two animals that talk ; what are they ?
8. What style of music do the movie "Pitch Perfect" and NBC's "The Sing Off"
have in common?

Dooley Wilson, the man who played Sam the piano player in the movie
Casablanca, couldn't play the piano.
1. Dustin Hoffman
2. The Beverly Hillbillies
3. Geppetto
4. The Kinks
5. Ovaltine
6. Bucket
7. a Serpent and a Donkey
8. A Cappella

Dooley Wilson was a singer and played the drums. He was 56 when "Casablanca"
was filmed.

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