Valentines Surf and Turf

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Executive Chef
Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
Started out with some appetizers, onion buds and "fried Mushrooms"

Onions and mushrooms done and served with a Taco Bell Ranch dressing I found at the store that has a nice kick to it and is great for dipping.

Rib eyes and lobster tails on the grill

Crappy pic but cooked some shrimp in a little oil and Cajun seasoning in my wok. When the shrimp was almost done I tossed the lobster tails in and added a unsalted butter, Cajun Seasoning, grated ginger, grated garlic and green onion mixture to finish them off.

Hot dogs for our three 4 legged fury family members for Valentines Day. They also got the bones off of the rib eyes too.


and dessert. Not the prettiest chocolate covered strawberries I have made, for some reason the chocolate didn't want to stick to the strawberries for some reason, never had that happen before. Anyway they still tasted good and my Wife loved them so I guess they were a success
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