Virginia and Carolina teams

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Rich Decker

Senior Cook
Sep 20, 2005
Essex Jct. Vermont
This seems like a good payday. I'll be cooking that weekend at Bristoi PA. I copied this from another site. RD

Calling all Comp Teams! We need you at the Chesapeake Jubilee (Virginia Beach/Norfolk area). Coming up in May. The deposit is due by April 15 ($250). Last count they only had 8-10 teams! This is the 1st year for the comp. KCBS sanctioned.

Grand Champion $2000 and trophy
Reserve Grand Champion $1000
and trophy
1st Place in each category $750
and trophy
2nd Place in each category $400
and trophy
3rd Place in each category $300
and trophy
4th Place in each category $200
and trophy
5th Place in each category $100
and trophy

KCBS is telling the organizers that if they do not get enough teams KCBS will not sanction the event next year!

Come to Virginia - we need you!

Here's the link to the site and application:


Chef Extraordinaire
Jan 4, 2005
Bill The Grill Guy said:
Thats the same weekend as Danville. Bill's Grill will be in Danville.

But the question is, will Bill be with Bill's Grill in Danville? #-o

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