Wendy's Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich Review....

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Nov 8, 2004

Well this is supposed to be a new item at the fast food place.

Went to the local place and checked the pricing.

Sandwich alone was 8.39!?!? Combo was like 4 bucks more.

Used coupon for a free lemonade, skipped the fries, and saved me a couple bucks.

Got the sandwich and a FREE large blueberry pomegranate lemonade I reviewed earlier this month and sat down to eat it.

One sandwich includes:

A Spicy Chicken filet but now a whole lot hotter with three layers of ghost pepper heat that includes ghost pepper seasoned fried onions, ghost pepper American cheese and ghost pepper ranch.

Plus you get lettuce, and tomatoes.

This sandwich is a spicy sandwich for sure and a tasty one as well.

Not too hot though but is good for one nose blow.

Lemonade was solid as usual even with all the sugar in it. Saved some for later.

A big thumbs up on the sandwich but should be a 6.99 sandwich imo based on the size of the chicken used.
Aug 21, 2022
$8.39 for a sandwhich? Wow! Prices are increasing HUGELY these days. Back when I was younger you could buy them for as cheap as a 50c! They were better quality then too, although the sandwhich you pictured does look delicious. I am not great with spice though haha. Hubby loves spicy stuff, siracha on EVERYTHING! (even chips!)
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