What is your opinion on beating eggs?

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When beatings eggs do you want them completely blended?

  • Yes, no white blotches please

    Votes: 13 59.1%
  • No, I like my blotches

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • Who cares, either way is good with me

    Votes: 8 36.4%

  • Total voters

Barbara L

Traveling Welcome Wagon
Apr 4, 2004
Somewhere, US
ok, i've got a weird one.

when my boy was about 5 years old, he wanted to invent his own recipe. since i was making him eggs, i let him decide how to make them.

he cracks 2 eggs, seperating the whites and yolks into 2 bowls. the yolks are just broken and mixed a little while the whites are whisked briskly, adding freshly cracked black pepper to the whites as they become a little fluffy.
the whites and yolks are sort of foldedded together and it is all oured in a hot buttered pan to cook. as soon as it mostly sets, it's flipped to finish the top side for just a few seconds.

the result is a strangely good, spotty white and yellow egg, somewhat between fried and scrambled.

he calls them his spotted eggs. :chef:
You should check around--I'll bet there is a contest you could enter that recipe in (for your son). :cool:
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