What's for dinner Friday, January 12, 2007?

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Washing Up
Mar 25, 2006
Culpeper, VA
Tonight for the 1st time I made the most delicious, crispy-crusted "Mini Pita Pizzas" for dinner & boy did they turn out GREAT!!

I couldn't find large pitas, so ended up using the smaller 6-7" whole-wheat ones. Made 4 different ones - one tomato sauce, mozzarella, & shrimp; one plain ricotta, mozzarella, & oregano; one tomato sauce, fresh tomato slices, shitake mushrooms, & mozzarella; & one ricotta, ranch dressing, shitake mushrooms, spinach, & fresh tomato slices.

I quartered them & we each had a couple of slices of each. Delicious & very crispy!! Will definitely be making these again really soon - even just for lunch!
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