What's for dinner? - Friday, May 4

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Aug 25, 2004
USA, Oklahoma
I ended up doing Fire-Roasted corn on the cob, broccoli-cheese-rice from a bag, and the brined, grilled, pork chops. For once, the kids actually at everything.

I think my big problem with the little eating what I fix them, is they don't want a sauce of any kind on their meat, unless it's ketchup.


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Mar 25, 2006
Culpeper, VA
I did a quick "leftover throw-together" last night that turned out quite well. Had 2 pieces of white-meat charcoal-grilled chicken & about half a pound of spicy steamed extra-large shrimp in the shell.

Shelled the shrimp & cut them up into bite-size chunks; cut up the chicken the same. Added enough mayo just to bind & added some diced sharp cheddar cheese, about a cup of roasted cashews, freshly-ground black pepper & several good dashes of Penzey's "Hot Curry Powder".

Husband had his on a bed of mixed greens; I enjoyed mine on a toasted hot dog roll with the greens as a topping.

Sort of a "Surf & Turf" or "Fin & Feather" salad - lol!!
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