What's for dinner Sunday, May 6th?

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Sep 2, 2004
Sierra Valley, Northern California, USA
kitchenelf said:
A friend and I went plant shopping when all of a sudden she got an uncontrollable urge to have a margarita!

Top Shelf - 20 ounces - oh yum! fresh pineapple, fresh lime, fresh strawberry, and a fresh orange for garnish - then I came home and mindlessly planted the rest of the afternoon!

oops - forgot to say that we split some fajitas and queso with chorizo

That margarita sounds wonderful. We have a restaurant that makes really killer strawberry margarita, but your margarita sounds even better.

I finished the chili and cornbread muffins. I made the muffins in a large six size muffin pan. Usually, I have trouble with them sticking, but this time I used non-stick cooking spray with flour. That stuff works great!! My muffins came out the pan perfect.

I took two muffins and a container of chili over to my parents. My mom had made an apple crisp with an oatmeal crust for dessert. The best thing is that it only used 1/2 cup of brown sugar.

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