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Jan 2, 2011
Rural Ottawa, Ontario
Me too Babe. I also found that I had 3 bottles of green taco sauce, and each were 3/4 empty. ;)

I sort of made the chili mole recipe I posted Recipe Details
re: using Mole sauce yesterday--and added salsa verde. When I say sort of, I used black beans instead of kidney, made a pork stock from some pork bones in the freezer because I didn't have any beef or chicken stock in the freezer. And, when I thought I was pulling frozen corn kernels out of the freezer, discovered that it wasn't corn, it was salsa verde (I make my own). (So much for those "freezer friendly labels). I tossed a cup of that in, as well as some dehydrated plum tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and a couple of different kinds of dehydrated hot peppers, and about 1/4 tsp cinnamon. The chili was delicious. Enough spice for my DH and for me--unusual--he likes it HOT.

I topped the bowls of chili with some fresh cilantro, chopped fresh tomatoes, green onions, shredded monterey jack cheese, guacamole, sour cream on top of which I grated some additional unsweetened baker's chocolate. The salsa verde added a very nice touch--it has just enough of a hint of lime to compliment the "hot" in the chili. No need for rice or anything else, it was a meal on its own.

Come late summer when I'm overwhelmed with corn and tomatillos in the garden, I'll post my salsa verde recipe.

PS--because I thought it was corn when I pulled it out of the freezer, I added the other cup of the salsa verde to the cornbread (serves 6--there were two of us, no leftovers). I didn't use the recipe in the attached, but rather one from one of my Jr. League cookbooks--sort of. We couldn't stop eating the cornbread and I think we each had what would be 3 "normal" servings of the chili.
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Aug 31, 2010
seafood, and who can argue with seafood soaked in butter

Who can argue? My dh, that's who. He's one of those poor souls who was raised on margarine and never learned the wonders of butter. But then to him most things are better if served completely unadorned from a can. Cooking for him is a wasted effort most times. Surprisingly I know a number of people who prefer to eat this way. (sigh)
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