World's best restaurants 2006

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Chief Eating Officer
Jul 14, 2004
How many of these have you been to? Read the full article here.

World's best restaurants 2006 winners list:

1 El Bulli, Spain - The Penfold's world's best restaurant, best in Europe

2 The Fat Duck, United Kingdom

3 Pierre Gagnaire, France - Chef's Choice

4 French Laundry, US - best restaurant in the Americas

5 Tetsuya's, Australia - best restaurant in Australasia

6 Bras, France

7 Restaurant Le Louis XV, Monaco

8 Per Se, US

9 Restaurante Arzak, Spain

10 Mugaritz, Spain - highest new entrant

11 Can Fabes, Spain

12 Nobu, UK

13 Gambero Rosso, Italy - highest climber

14 Gordon Ramsay (Royal Hospital Road), UK

15 Restaurant Alain Ducasse, France

16 Jean Georges, US

17 Le Cinq, France

18 Daniel, US

19 Oud Sluis, The Netherlands

20 Chez Panisse, US

21 El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

22 L'Astrance, France

23 Hof van Cleve, Belgium

24 La Maison Troisgros, France

25 L'Atelier, France

26 Charlie Trotter's, US

27 Le Gavroche, UK - outstanding value

28 La Colombe, South Africa - best restaurant in the Middle East and Africa

29 Enoteca Pinchiorri, Italy

30 Rockpool, Australia

31 Le Calandre, Italy

32 Le Bernardin, US

33 Noma, Denmark

34 Restaurant Dieter Muller, Germany

35 St John, UK

36 Hakkasan, UK

37 Martin Berasategui, Spain

38 Le Quartier Francais, South Africa

39 Chez Dominique, Finland

40 L'Ambroisie, France

41 Die Schwarzwaldstube, Germany

42 Dal Pescatore, Italy

43 Bocuse, France

44 L'Arpege, France

45 Gramercy Tavern, US

46 Bukhara, India

47 De Karmeliet, Belgium

48 Oaxen, Sweden

49 Comme Chez Soi, Belgium

50 DOM, Brazil


Head Chef
Aug 25, 2004
Thought we were going to have a perfect score (zero) but then we found two we had actually been to.

Le Gavroche (London) we went to many years ago. We were clearly the poorest people in the place (the shoes of one of the men sitting at the next table cost more than both our clothes).

There were two older gentlemen at that table who were being called m'lord by the waiters. Had no idea who they were, but they sure weren't referring to us as m'lord and m'lady. (They didn't call me 'mate' or 'mack' either, they were polite, but we sure would have gotten a kick out of one m'lord. Doubt it would have strained their vocal cords, but maybe they have a m'lord/m'lady law over there.)

By the way, the m'lords clearly were not with their wives, only two very young, well how do I say this, m'ladies of the night. We got a kick out of that but, then again, simple things amuse us.

The grub was good but we were not as impressed as we thought we should be for a two Michelin star restaurant (about six months ago were at a one star in Edinburgh, and it was fantastic).

Also went to St. John (London) shortly after it opened and before it really attained the reputation it has today.

Again it was fine, but it did not impress us as one of the world's best.

Most of the time go to modest restaurants, but occasionally, like once every few years, particularly on vacation, decide to blow out the budget.

Would like to try Gordon Ramsay's and the French Laundry. Gordon Ramsay we have a shot at, we do get to the UK every year or two, but don't think we will be getting to CA very soon.

Actually some of the best meals we have had were in, I guess they might be called, lesser restaurants.

Just a few passing thoughts.

But would it really have killed them to call me m'lord?


Edited for punctuation. I hate when I have to do that.
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