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    Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals...

    Great review. I got this one free with the Nabisco points and have already tried several recipes and they were all hits here.
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    Your First Cookbook

    My first cookbook was either a Farm Journal Cookie one or Good HouseKeeping one. I've always loved to cook and my Aunt (I baby sat for her daughterwhen I was around 12) and we joined a cookbook club together and these were my first purchases with my babysitting money. I now have close to 1,500...
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    What's for dinner, January 18, 2007?

    It's icy here so we're having chili. Nice and spicy.
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    What's for dinner, January 16, 2007

    We just finished our dinner and had beer brats, kraut, boiled new red potatoes and rye bread. Son made the brats, I did the kraut and potatoes and daughter made the bread. It was very good. The guys washed theirs down with German beer and the girls had water. We're trying to keep the calories...
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    For Anthony Bourdain fans..

    Got my book today and I'm looking forward to reading it. Hope others will get theirs soon. Our whole family loves No Reservations on the travel channel and was delighted when the new season started. We're adventurous eaters here and like Anthony will try almost anything once and twice if we like it.
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    What's for Dinner Saturday, January 13, 2007?

    I often watch the food network shows on Sat to see if something sparks an intrest for our Sat dinner and today Paula Deen made a Cheese burger meat loaf so we decided on that. I made mine and my daughters healthier by using turkey, low fat cheese and omiting the mayo and bacon Paula used. For...
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    For Anthony Bourdain fans..

    Several people on another list I'm on said they received copies of Nasty Bits today. Maybe the rest of us who ordered one will also receive copies soon. Anyone here get one yet?
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    NY Times bread recipe--what FUN

    Gretchen and Kitchenelf, Thanks so much for posting the link to this and Lee your loaf looks great. I love baking bread and this sounds like a fun way.
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    Corned Beef

    I've got to try the clay pot method someone mentioned. I love my clay pot for chicken and also fresh herbed potatoes but haven't done corned beef in it. I usually do mine in the slow cooker with Guiness Beer for the liquid. Son says cabbage contamiates it like attie also mentioned so I usually...
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    Word Association Game

    ghost - Casper
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    Dinner, Monday, Nov. 27th

    We had breakfast for dinner tonight. Scrambled eggs, country ham, homemade biscuits, and fried apples with dried cranberries.
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    How Many Cookbooks Do You Have?

    It's not easy SuzyQ3. I have two big bookshelves in my living room, with a roll top desk between them. Not only do I have those shelves overflowing, I have them stacked to the celing on top of both those shelves and almost that high in three stacks on back top of the desk. Then I have another...
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    Oh DEAR! It's Thanksgiving again - do you have a menu yet?

    My Mom, daughter and I will be cooking for around 20. Sometimes my sister and her DIL and grandaughter make it in time to help too. We have it at my Mom and Dad's every year. We also have the same menu with very little variation. Mom's famous stuffing - which daughter and I now make (Mom...
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    How Many Cookbooks Do You Have?

    SuzyQ3, It's a yahoo group and it's called CookbooksEtCetera Very friendly group with members whos collections range from 50 or less to those who have in the 1,000's. If you like talking cookbooks it's a fun group.
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    How Many Cookbooks Do You Have?

    I love cookbooks and have close to 1400. I find lots of treasures at used book stores, thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets and also at Need details about PBS email me. I hardly ever pay full price for a book. Exceptions are the year I went to the LA Times Book...
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