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Originally Posted by jennerose
Is that good for our health to consume the canned products.There will be any side effects if we consume the canned food.Usally sodium benzote is added to some of the canned products.Is that really preserve the food items.There are so many canned products such as Aparagus,Artichoke,Bamboo shoot Pineapple,cherry and so on.Why dont we use fresh food rather then using can products.Fresh food has all nutrients in it,More than its fresh.Can any one tell one valid reason to use canned products.There are so many chemicals added in to it while canning the food items to preserve them.So I feel consuming canned products often will spoil once health.Do we get required nutrients while consuming the canned products.Yes/No
Moderation and Variety are the keys to good health. When eating balanced nutrition, we choose from the four main food groups. To achieve the requirements, we must also choose from the different food storage methods to maintain a stocked pantry year round. It is essential to preserve food to avoid famines.

The most convenient storage method for you may be in fresh foods as you are a frequent shopper. Someone living miles from a grocery store with no ground for a garden will have to supplement their pantry with many preserved food supplies. All natural foods are not available on the market for home canning.

When the label domestic is used for oranges, grapes, apples, and tomatoes, it means that they are eaten as sold. Tomatoes are most commonly sold for salad purposes. The fruits listed contain very little juice.

Many people cannot afford to process their foods for storage. With two people often working away from home, there is little time to take advantage of processing their foods for storage. Some people simply do not have the talent or interest in preserving food.

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Originally Posted by kitchenelf
jennerose - you say there are side effects if we consume canned foods. What side effects are you talking about? Other people have asked you questions in other threads too. It would be nice if you could answer them.
Hey, kitchen.... I have yet another theory!

jennerose is testing out some language translating software and we are guinea pigs!

Whaddaya think?


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Canned food is a convenience and the further we get from the farm, the harder it is to do without conveniences.

The initial idea behind canning (home canning, that doesn't use preservatives) was to prolong the growing season, or to make produce available throughout the year. Consider the 1800s - many vegetables were only available during the late summer months. The only way to get peas in December was to can them. The only way to enjoy strawberries in March was to make jam. It wasn't until the past century that someone got the bright idea that if preservatives were added things would taste better. Wrong....you are right, all those nasties do are lower our immunities and make us sick.

So, in all seriousness, I suggest you go right ahead and search and enjoy fresh produce. Eat what's in season...why eat food that already traveled more in a week than we may do in 10 years?
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I think everyone needs to remember that we don't all live next to the food source, and we have to consume frozen and canned vegetables and fruits, or those imported from somewhere far away. If we didn't have these food sources we'd all have nutrition deficiencies. I don't know how I'd live without canned tomatoes and beans (yes, I can make beans from the dried, but you never know how old they are and sometimes they never really rehydrate). Like most of us over 45, I grew up on canned veggies of all sorts, and especially tomatoes for much of the year, and I'm fine. I make tons of soup from scratch on a regular basis, but we still supplement our diet from cans. You have to eat, and sometimes people seem (to me) to get paranoid about prepared foods. As long as you are NOT opening a can every time you need something to eat, I don't see the problem.

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