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Originally Posted by Treklady
And has anyone taken notice that PE (physical education) has nearly been elimintes in our schools? I mean whats up with that?
We are in a suit happy society where everyone wants to sue everyone for a fast buck. PE involves changing clothes, physical contact, and showers......all a deadly soup for a sexual lawsuit. Sad….so very sad.

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A proper eating schedule and portioning will do the trick. Our ancestor’s says that we have to eat the meals with proper devotion and enjoy the eating in silence. I think we have to go back to the nature from this hybrid and packaged food era. Quality is better than quantity.

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Old 07-28-2007, 11:23 AM   #93
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Here is another reason. This was just published in The New England Journal of Medicine and funded by the National Institute on Aging. It states obesity is contagious. At first it sounded preposterous, but it actually made some sense after all.
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Old 10-27-2008, 04:28 AM   #94
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being in a part of the country I'm not very familiar with, I'm noticing what is on the menu's at restaurants or eateries. I could pack it on eating here but, being responsible for my own self and own body [as it's no one else's worry] I am still watching and eating like normal. again, if I don't care about my body, who else will? it's up to me to maintain this that I've been given and if I don't, I have me to blame, not the fast food restaurants, not the overpriced diners or Grandma Esther's pie and bake shop, it's all on me.
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Wow this thread got quite heated.
There seem to be angry people fighting over why our diet is wrong.
All that stress made me hungry. (my way of dealing with stress)
I didn't plan for a stress snack. (which makes me stupid)
Hence 'angry people made me hungry and stupid'.

Oh and don't forget the 'fat tax'.
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Old 10-29-2008, 12:19 PM   #97
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being in mount vernon over the past few days, they ate breakfast at 7 and dinner at 3 with a light piece of something in the evening but only two meals, that says much.....
also like what MH said on his show last week when asked how he lost his weight, if it wasn't food a hundred years ago, it's probably not food now but a food product. eat as you would have then without the additives etc.
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Originally Posted by ironchef View Post
Yes, restaurants give larger portions, but that's to compete with the demand of customers. A restaurant is not holding a gun to your head telling you to finish all of your food in one sitting. Buffet restaurants don't have their own private militia going out and herding people in, telling them to stuff their face and make sure they eat their $19.95 worth of food. Everyone wants to point a finger. The problem is the PEOPLE. If someone wants to lose weight or change their eating habits/lifestyle, then do it. Are you a lemming or a person? If you have the ability to think for yourself, then you have the ability to make the change and not make any excuses if your goal is to lose weight.
I couldn't agree more.

Portion sizes are the biggest problem, but ultimately a portion OFFERED doesn't necessarily have to be the portion EATEN. The responsibility for what is ingested lies ultimately with he or she that is ingesting.

If Americans stop focusing so much on massive portion sizes, the portion sizes that are offered will begin to decrease.

Additionally, as mentioned above, what we put in our food and what kinds of food are in demand are also very important. All of this ultimately comes back to the preferences of the eater though, that is what drives it all.

I think that food as a percentage of what we spend in America is likely lower than it is in Europe and Japan. This may be due in part to the much higher rate of home ownership here and the size of our homes, and as a result you have more people stretching themselves to live in larger homes rather than just renting in apartments. This means that Americans, due to their own priorities, likely have a smaller percentage of their income left to spend on food and thus cost becomes a greater concern, hence the all-encompassing focus on the price-per-quantity ratio.

We live in a "dollar per pound" food society, we have turned food into a commodity, and this self-inflicted outlook is much to blame for how we eat and, thus, often, how we die.

I think that the "foodie" movement can often border on obnoxious and pretentious, however one of the best things to come out of it is a renewed focus on what is in our food and where it comes from.

Americans have allowed themselves to become more detached to their food than any society in history.

EDIT: I have become very focused in recent years on knowing precisely where my food comes from. With certain items this is impossible, but it's easy to exert control over others.

A buddy of mine, for instance, has parents that own a farm, primarily just as a vacation property. They do, however, raise 30 head of beef cattle on it, all grass-fed and drug-free, and this is where I obtain ALL the beef that is cooked in my home. Additionally, I try to buy as much locally-grown produce as possible and I am now friends with several farmers. I grow most of my own herbs.

I've also kept my promise with myself (made a couple years ago) that unless I wouldn't eat another Rockfish again unless I was on the boat that caught the fish (living near the Ches. Bay has it's benefits). This pact has resulted in both many enjoyable fishing trips and many delicious meals. Having had a hand in catching or growing your food gives you an appreciation for what you're eating, and you're much less likely to just shovel it into your face without a second thought.

Obviously, when I go to restaurants, I tend to forget about all this stuff and just enjoy it. I have other lapses too, such as my great affection for shoyu-fried spam, lol. No one's perfect :)
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Originally Posted by jpmcgrew View Post
I think it also starts with the parents they spoil their kids rotten you make them a nice meal and they want pizza or fries etc so the parents give in just to shut them up.Next game boys,tv, internet the kids dont go out and play like alot us older people did heck I never wanted to come inside until I was forced because its dark outside.A steady diet of bad food is addictive no matter what when I was a kid we were did not get sodas and kool aid ,sweet cereals etc but boy I craved all of it.A coke was a treat not part of the daily diet.When I was kid on saturday morning watching cartoons all we got was stupid oatmeal or cream of wheat with apple sauce when I knew darn well all my friends eating all the Captain Crunch they wanted I thought I was soo deprived .We were poor then so milk was stretched 1/2 milk 1/2 powdered milk.

Using food as a baby-sitter for small children. I can't tell you how many overweight children I see these days. I even watch my friend with her grand daughter... constantly giving her chocolate milk, ice cream, cookies... what ever she wants. Here in another couple of years, that girl is gonna be wide as she is tall!
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Well, we did a lot of walking when I was growing up, I mean a lot of walking. When I was in elementary school, I walked home at lunch time, too I lived in a pretty hilly part of the city, and one segment of my walk home included climbing 114 steps. I did this twice a day, five days a week for six years.

Then in junior high and high school, it was about a 1.5 mile walk, (we were not bussed), but we only had to climb the steps once a day. We were in excellent physical condition, and we didn't eat fast food. My Mom cooked every day. I probably ate a hamburger or a slice of pizza, once every six months.

The culprit today is lack of exercise and a diet which includes a large portion of fast food. We drank a lot of water, few soft drinks. Kids don't play outside like they used to. They have video games and other sedentary activities to keep them occupied.

Like my doctor says, eat less and move more.

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