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Fried Pufftaloons And Franks

Often times a Galactic HitchHiker may be hungry yet low on funds. This Fried Pufftaloon recepie has come in very useful, and I even fix them as a Main Course.
Hydro Biscuts are similar to Pufftaloons.. Add drops of Blue Food Color to H2O/water .
INGREDIENTS required are 4 CUPS. or so FLOUR or similar grain,
4 TABLESPOONS or so of BAKING POWDER or simuliar raising agent, Water/H2O, Canola Oil, and Beef Franks or similar long meat. Wok, or Deep Fry Pan on Outdoor Fire, or Stove Top Put Flour in a large bowl and mix with a dash of Baking Powder.
If making for self I put 3/4 cup full of flour, and add 3 tbs. baking powder. If unavailable you can use the white air born yeast that sticks to Juniper Tree Bearies , Raspberry Canes , by mixing it into the dough let set a bit. Add water slowly to Flour and keep mixing until it starts to get dry and springs back when presed down. You can add the Juniper Berries at this time. Then you cover and let it set awhile, and remove berries (kids are great for this) leaving the yeast from them in the mix. Mix adding water until you have a dry flakey dough you can mold.
Roll the Flour into 4 inch balls, and flatten.
If you have Beef Franks, Hot Dogs, or similar long meat wrap the dough completely around the beef frank, or hot dog as it is called on Earth until you can't see it all . I usually roll the spongy dry dough flat to abit longer then a frank wide . Wrap it like your towel around your waiste.
By the bye if you take a blanket and wrap the top around your waiste and tuck it in you can reach behind and pull half of it over your head ceating an instant coat.
To wrap put the frank on the dough (I shape using finger tips instead of rolling thin). Bend ends over the frank as I call long meat. Then fold one side over and against the frank. Some shreaded cheese can be sprinkled against it before rolling it up. After rolling until completely covered roll back and forth between hands till smooth like you do when creating friction for warmth....
Don't do this if the Frank/Meat is senient unless it requests you to eat it like meat does at The Resterant At The End The Universe.
Fill Wok 1/3 full of Oil,or Deep Fry Pan 1/2
full. When oil is hot slowly slide the partially flattened dough ball fry bread / Pufftaloons or wrapped meat into it and simmering until golden brown on one side , turn over and simmer until it is evenly golden brown all over too. Then it is done. Drain oil off , set aside to let cool bit. Eat, and enjoy it. Can be reheated once in Micro...
or Time Oven..
. With a bit of practice you can judge amount of flour to water, and how long in oil to cook in more accurately .
If a fry pan/wok is unavailable you can make Ash Cakes. In a large metal cup or bowl make a dry dough of flour slowly mixing and adding water until you get a dough that springs back. Make dough into 2 inch rounds and real thin like flat coins, and put them on the white ashes which contain salt. NOT on coals and burning wood. Leave a short time and turn over and take off when it sounds hollow when tapped with the back of a fork. With practice you can time it. Remove, make a wish and blow the ashes off. Eat ash cakes !!!! I have used this in my travels and even make the dough in advance so I can make them as soon as I get up when camping and when waking up near the ashes. Oh yes they are unleavened. Enjoy and pass it on !! Timeloyd


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rofl @ "long meat"

3..2..1.. HUSTLE! HUSTLE!
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Long Meat refers to the shape of the Beef Frank. Not a particular kind of meat. I was trying to look at the Hot Dog from the perspective of someone who had never had one before and might be turned off by the term Hot Dog.
Reminds me of the Dog Stew I had at a Rondezvous, but that is a diffeent kind of Hot Dog and is not what I meant by long meat. A Tourist asked where the Dog meat came from and why they couldn't bring their dog into Rondezvous. The response was the dog watered a trade blanket so he became dinner .... ;^{) It was good.
By the By the Dog would have been put to death by an Animal Shelter because no one had claimed it in a year.
Thus it was able to continue living in the spirit of those who enjoyed it.
Gonna cook me some more Pufftalons as they were great and very filling.
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: Carbondale, Ill. U.S.A. Earth / ZZ 9 Plural Z A
Posts: 93
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I have another way of fixing Pufftaloons besides the Fry Bread way. I do prefer it. For this method I use Beef Franks and some Grands Biscuts. I fix them this way at Picnoics now as I never know how msany people will show up in advance so dont know how much to mzake. This is a tad easier.
Open a tin of Grands Biscuts, and remove 2 Biscuts, and flatten out with your fingers till oblong and a bit bigger then the hot dog and not to thin.
As you do this heat up the oil with a very small bit of dough in it. When it sizzles the Canola Oil is ready.
Place the Hot Dog on one side of the flat oblong dough and turn ends into the Hot Beef Dog. Then roll the Hot Dog into the dough till you can't see the Hot Dog. Somethings are easier done by sight.
By now the tad of dough you dropped in the Canola Oil should be sizziling. If so slowly slide the Pufftaloon into the Wok nestled in the Charcoal Briquets to keep it upright. You can do this over an open fire too but I prefer with a Wok on hot coals. Leave it in the Hot Oil and let simmer till it looks Golden on one side. Roll it over so it is more evenly cookied and Golden all around. When Golden all over remove and drain it on a napkin. Serve and make more.
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if you take korean buddy to a baseball game, you must explain a hot dog.

i didn't realize my friend's excitement when he heard a vendor selling hot dogs, but when we passed down the beers and dogs, he exclaimed "i'm sorry, but i don't eat that part of the dog..."

true story. and yes, he was pulling our leg.
"Thunderbolt and lightening,
very, very frightening me!" Galileo
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We get by with a little help from our friends
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