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Old 02-03-2016, 11:16 PM   #1
Head Chef
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How often do you try a new recipe?

I have a recipe box and recipe cards, but I have yet to write anything down. I've been collecting them as links online and today I finally decided to go through them and clear a lot of them out. The result is I have 11 new recipes to try this month, and possibly more.

So I was just curious - how many new recipes a month does everyone here usually try?

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Senior Cook
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I can't give you a hard and fast number. But whenever I have the energy, I have a very very very very VERY very very very very long list of recipes I want to try. Heck, I have about 30 recipes for biscuits alone. I have yet to find one that works out as well as the one I used as a kid 40-50 years ago.

I will NEVER get around to actually trying even a tenth of what I have bookmarked, but a girl can dream, can't she? LOL!

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rr, I would say on average it's at least one a week. Sometimes three or four are bunched up in one week, but then I won't make anything new for weeks after that.

KB, I'm like you are. Between recipes clipped out, saved from online, and bookmarked in cookbooks, I will NEVER live long enough to try even one tenth of what I've saved. So much easier to fall back on an old faithful recipe when you're short of time or brain power.
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Master Chef
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Like CG, we average about one per week. Sometimes we just make something that is not based on any recipe.
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Executive Chef
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Im in the one a week club too.
Anytime I see a recipe a I want to try, I bookmark it and place it in my " Untried recipes" folder. If its a picture of something ( maybe the way something is presented, but not a recipe) I have a separate folder of pics.

Once I've tried the recipe, it either gets transferred to my " Tried and liked " folder, or gets flushed.

I to have dozens and dozens fo Untried recipes in that folder. Most of which I probably don't even remember that I bookmarked.

I then have my cookbooks, which I usually use as reference, but on occasion, Ill be in the mood for something from a particular chef/ author, and Ill searcher something to make.

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Old 02-04-2016, 05:49 AM   #6
Master Chef
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About once a week.

Usually the initial idea comes from DC, FB or the monthly magazine from Wegman's, followed by a few quick Google searches.

The recipes are for inspiration, I rarely follow them. I tend to adjust most recipes to what I have on hand.

Once or twice a year I find a recipe that becomes part of my monthly or seasonal rotation, until it gets bumped by the next "OMG best thing ever".

Lately I've been looking at pizza and pasta substitutes, soups and lentils as a replacement or extender for ground beef.
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Head Chef
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Maybe once a fortnight. It mostly depends on if I can match what I buy (i.e. preferably something reduced in price) to a recipe that I might have in my bag. (I keep some cut out recipes in envelopes there - made a thread on it).

Mostly though I prefer to improvise which may, in itself, go way back to a basic recipe but with my added variation on it.
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" (Charles M. Shulz)
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Old 02-04-2016, 06:02 AM   #8
Executive Chef
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In addition to my post, Just like Aunt Bea, It's not too often that I find a new recipe that falls into my monthly rotation. But I get excited when one does. Even though I can go 2 months without repeating the same meal twice. After so many years, things do get routine, so it's always nice when something makes it into the rotation.

Usually, when I do try a new recipe, I try to follow it exactly the first time around. If i don't like it, and see no potential, the recipe gets flushed. If its perfect ,as is, or if with a little tweaking can become better, Ill make notes about what changes I'd make and try it again.

Unless it is a " Meat " recipe that I am converting to vegetarian. Then, clearly I make changes so i can eat it.

Sometimes i do have to ' save ' the recipe, if i don't like how its going during the process, I may make some last minute changes or substitutions just so everyone will eat it. Usually I have a pretty good concept of how the recipe will taste just by reading it through.
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Sous Chef
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I have a process where when I see a recipe I like I print it out and three hole punch. I put them in a stack to try. It is a very large stack I might add. If i try and like them, they go into my 3 ring binder, if not they go into the round file cabinet.
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All the time. I have, on occasion, tried a new recipe every day for months on end. Love doing that because we're treated to such a wonderful variety of dishes. Some are "keepers," others...not so much.

Fortunately, my husband will eat nearly anything so, when it comes to trying a new recipe, the sky's the limit in our house. Yeah!!

"As a girl I had zero interest in the stove." - Julia Child
This is real inspiration. Look what Julia became!
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