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I hate vegetables!!!

I really, really cannot stand vegatbles but for my health and my daughters, I would like to incorporate more of them into our meals. Is there anyone else who despises vegetables as much as I do, but have over come this? If you have ideas, I would like to hear them. Thanks.


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Hate is too strong a word for me in most cases. I'm neutral about most, like some, dislike others. I reserve "HATE!" for beets and cauliflower.

Pick the veggies you hate least and make them a part of every meal so the kids get used to them. Don't let them know you hate them because that gives them permission to hate them too. Be brave.

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
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cauliflower is a great soup veg, it picks up the taste of the broth. Add it to homemade soups.
cauliflower and broccoli are great with cheese sauce
kale can be cooked and added to mashed potatoes (colcanon) or a rutabaga (neeps and tatties) either are a nice addition to mashies.
tomato sauce on spaghetti is a veg.
baby spinach cooks quickly in tomato sauce and is a way to add more veg punch to your pasta sauce.
make soup or stew...carrots are a natural in both.

dice onions small and cook them long...they sweeten and add great flavor and melt away.

try various salads with fresh veg in them (slice small...no one likes a big hunk of hard veg in their mouth!)

see what works for you
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Sometimes when I am making mashed potatoes, I will add carrots, or turnips into it- and mash it all up so its all together. :) Then add some green onions! Yum :)

Or just boil up some carrots and Turnips together, mash them up, add a bit of butter and brown sugar(and some ginger too if you like)
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Old 05-20-2010, 11:42 AM   #5
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Check out this soup video:

Sometimes it's how you cook it. For example, roasting veggies in the oven or one of those oven like skillets that plug in come out the best. cut up carrots, zucs etc. with olive oil, salt and pepper. Grilled veggies I like better than other methods (example: skewers).

This recipe is pretty good:

Marys Kitchen Adventures: Lamb Meatball, Orach and Cashew soup

Good Luck. I know how you feel. I'm not too crazy about veggies either.
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Old 05-20-2010, 01:42 PM   #6
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My mother told me a story of a time when I was maybe four years old when she and I had the ultimate stare-off showdown over a plate of dinner veggies. I stubbornly refused and did not budge, and she finally gave up, probably well past midnight. Today, I may not like all vegetables, but I do enjoy trying them every which way. My mother also confessed that she doesn't much care for carrots, but likes them when they are overcooked in butter and brown sugar.

The take-aways are this: 1) kids have their own taste; we should introduce everything to them and let them discover for themselves, and 2) if you don't like something, change its texture and taste until you do. Remember, your daughters might become !gasp!, vegetarians, and that's okay. Don't sweat it too much, sharkbtn, just give your girls big plates.
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i love veggies. well maybe not so much for beets. bored with cauliflower with cheese, last nite i made french fried cauliflower. it was really good. tasted a bit like fried oysters. will make again.
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You'd be surprised how many finely diced vegetables you can sneak into spaghetti sauce, meat loaf, sloppy Joes, and meat pies, especially the ones topped with mashed potatoes.

Also, keep trying different preparations. DH hated Brussels sprouts until I sauteed them with bacon and garlic; now he even likes them just steamed.

For young children, try using imaginative names, like "trees" for broccoli, "baby cabbages" for Brussels sprouts, and "Ninja food" for rice mixed with veggies. Make a "bird's nest" out of mashed potatoes and use peas for the eggs.

One thing that does not work is talking about the starving children that would be thrilled to have these carrots. When I was little, they were in China, and what I didn't like was oatmeal. I just told mom to send them my share.
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Originally Posted by Sharkbtn View Post
I really, really cannot stand vegatbles but for my health and my daughters, I would like to incorporate more of them into our meals. Is there anyone else who despises vegetables as much as I do, but have over come this? If you have ideas, I would like to hear them. Thanks.
I sure hope the kids have never heard your views on veggies Sharkbtn, you must know that kids learn what they live, or you wouldn't be here.....good for you!
It's like anything else, we learn from our parents what to fear and "hate".
As someone else said, "hate" and "despise" are ugly words, and not fit for kids or vegetables. ( a little tongue in cheek here). That being said, yet again, there has been some very good advice here at Discuss Cooking. I hope you stick around here.....this is a great place.
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there's so many simplistic, plain 'ol ways that a veggie could be garnished/seasoned/sauced/cooked till texturally great.
-beurre noisette was a beginner sauce we used in cooking-school. browned-butter, (that being whole butter, cooked until the aroma of a hazelnut is there, poured over veggie or less frequent items. broccoli was the practical item we prepped using buerre noisette.

-beurre blanc (vinegar reduction whisked into a butter, slowly, for an emulsified sauce. we preferred tarragon vinegar & i loved that sauce despite my disdain for licorice-y tarragon.

-roasted veggies (i cook my usuals near 450-475, though they need very frequent adjustments, be that shaking the sheetpan or tinkering other stuffs.
i season/olive oil them. simpliasic seeasoning.

-polonaise. buttered/cooked crumbs, boiled egg. for, amongst others, cauliflower, broccoli.

-au gratin or creme-of veggies. make a bechamel & make an au gratin item

-visually appealing foods = interesting & enticing. when planning a dinner, keep color & the components of a balanced, yet excellent dinner item entities.

-scoop pulp from halved zucchini &/or summer squash. sliceinto 4 or less portions, on a diagonal bias.
stuffings- (buttery crumbs, seasoned;) parmesan & stuffing or lack thereof,
or mozzarella/provolone/tomato sauce/basil/oregano/garlic, minced/sage/minced onion.

bake them.

these, most of them, seem so unhealthy, great food, though! :)

-cheese! (either a sprinkling of a cheese or a sauce)- bechamel/cheese & several seasoning items whisked into that..... frank's sauce, pepper, mustard, worchestershire, garlic/shallot (minced)

-hollandaise/bearnaise sauce

i believe that life would not be complete sans comfy 'ol tee-shirts, the Golden Girls, and the color pink
& rock on, PITTSBURGH-
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