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I've become addicted to eggs from friends with backyard chickens. They're all different colors. I think they're beautiful as well as delicious.
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Originally Posted by tenspeed View Post
There's no difference in the eggs. People in New England prefer brown eggs, so white eggs are less expensive (at least in New England).
That's true. But giving them equal shelf space and pricing them so far apart is new.

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Those are pretty, GG. Every now and then I'm able to score a couple of cartons of those "Easter eggs", as my grandson calls them.

As far as my local supermarket eggs, they charge quite a bit more for brown eggs. I just go for the 18 packs of white, if I'm not able to get fresh eggs from the local farmers market or my car mechanic - I save egg cartons for both and get a good deal on fresh eggs in return. Reminds me, I have about 20 egg cartons I need to drop off to them pretty soon.
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For those who would like to know:

Brown egg shell are thicker and stronger than white eggs. That makes a difference when you are cracking an egg and only want the yolk for the dish you are baking.

If you crack a white egg on the edge of the bowl, a piece of the shell is more likely to break off and end up in your egg. If you crack a brown egg on the edge of the bowl, this is not as likely to happen.

It is safer for you to crack the white eggs on a flat service. Also with white eggs, crack them into a small bowl. Should any shell fall into the egg, use the bigger piece of shell to get that small piece of shell out. The piece of shell will be drawn to the larger piece of shell.

In the Northeast, most farmers have Rhode Island Red hens. They lay the brown eggs.

If you don't believe me, just ask CWS. Her chickens lay all different colored eggs.
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Old 08-30-2017, 10:31 PM   #15
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Hate to burst a few bubbles here... in the chicken world there are only two colours of egg, white and blue. (I know nothing about ducks (usually green) or wild bird eggs, not to mention Emu eggs - WoW google them!)

Brown eggs are actually white eggs that have been coated with a varying layer of ...a brown dye! shortly before being laid! Crack open a brown egg and it is white inside. Rub a freshly laid brown egg and the colour will come off.

Crack open a blue egg and the inside of the shell is blue. If it is a green egg, or varying shades thereof: it is still blue inside and it is the same coating that has turned a white egg brown on the outside.

Flavour of an egg is strictly due to the diet of the chicken. "Free range chickens" with access to green grass and other herbage, bugs and other goodies, will have delicious, and rich looking, yolks. During winter months chickens fed a supply of heat producing corn (so to speak) will have yolks that are an incredible colour of almost orange/yellow.
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Addie and dragn, I'm calling foul (fowl?) on both of your posts. Addie, the color of the shell does not determine the hardness of the shell. Per The Kitchn: If you've ever noticed that an eggshell seems tougher, it's because of the age of the chicken, and not the color of the egg. Younger chickens tend to lay eggs with harder shells, while older chicken lay eggs with thinner shells. In my time, I've run across some mighty tough white shells.

In that same article, dragn, the breed of the chicken (or the color of the hen's earlobes) is indicative whether they lay brown or white shelled eggs. Whether or not the last few layers of shell are "coated" by the hen's secretions just before laying, it comes out of the bird brown-shelled. And no one is out in the barnyard painting those things as they come out of the bird! There are also breeds that lay blue, green, and speckled eggs. When our kids were little, I would buy green-shelled eggs to serve up along with...ham.

If you want to read even more about brown hued egg shells, there is a lengthy article from a chicken momma: Which chickens lay brown eggs?
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Andy, I'm guessing that the store (Market Basket, perhaps?) is using the low price on white eggs as a loss-leader. Before we left for our trip, there was only a 20-cents difference between white and brown.

If you live near enough to an Aldi, I recommend you buy eggs there. The most recent price I paid was 53 cents (up from 47!) about a week before we took off. I've compared store-bought (MB), Aldi, and fresh farmers' market eggs side-by-side. Aldi eggs look way more like those fresh farmer's eggs than they do grocery store eggs...and taste really good, too.
Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. ~~~ Erma Bombeck
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I don't know about color, but I do know that the Jumbo eggs (white) that I get at the supermarket have lots harder shells than the regular eggs.
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In the regular stores here, there are more white eggs than brown. We normally buy Eggland's best and I don't think they have anything other than white. On the rare occasions that we need eggs and 1 of the "premium" brands goes on sale that have white and brown, they are the same price. The place we buy fresh milk also has organic eggs. I don't remember how much they were, but they were a lot more than the grocery. And they were different colors like GG's pic.
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Try peeling a boiled brown egg..it is much harder to peel than a boiled white egg..that membrane under the shell is harder to get off...

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egg, eggs

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