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Old 09-09-2006, 05:32 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by VeraBlue
Are you serious? Is that her real name???
Relax Vera, her name is Judy, but I'm thinking they could be twins


HEAVEN is Cade, Ethan,Carson, and Olivia,Alyssa,Gianna
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Originally Posted by VeraBlue
oooo...X rated....
haha, mah last post had to be pulled, so yea, Iz bad, real bad !!!!!!!

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This has been fun to read.

I guess I don't recall too much stuff like this. I know I had wooden opjects broke over my backside, but nothing that would even compare to y'all.

'Bout the worst I recall is mom saying she wasn't cooking, so fend for yourselves. That's where I learned to cook! I recall Mom granting me permission to make a meal that caused me to call myself "Captain Cholesterol." Mom & Dad were going out with friends, and mom said to have whatever in the fridge since she was going shopping the next day. She looked in the fridge and said there are about a half dozen eggs and a pound of bacon. So, that's what I had for supper.

Thus my agreement with Emeril that pork fat rules!

Sorry, I digress from the topic.
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My sister is almost twenty years older than me. As a sweetener for losing only "child" status she got to name me. Oh deah! My "real life name" is very individual! She and I were actually quite close when I was little....I think she really was my primary carer till I was about 4, when she left home it was like losing a parent.

But, she would have been mad not to make the most of her age and size advantage! The worst thing I remember now is she used to put me in our big old ali Baba type laudry basket and push me over the top stair and I would go clattering down. She convinced me it was a game at the time but it terrified me and I played a long just cause I loved her so. I shudder now at the damage she could have done.

I did chores, I think every kid should have responsibilties. From when I was very little I was the shoe cleaner....every weekend everybody's shoes. It was fun, and I am really good at cleaning shoes now. Other jobs thatr were mine when I was small were cleaning all the door handles and knobs and light switches and sockets. Cleaning the front porch and cleaning the bathtub. Those three jobs were always mine and Saturdays we tended to pull together in the house, Sundays the garden. It was ok. I think if you have to be involved in the housework you are less likely to leave a huge mess behind you.
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Well, I was the dreaded older sister. There were four of us - three girls then a boy. I hear that I was doted on until my sister came along when I was 2 1/2, then another when I was 4 1/2, then the boy when I was almost 7. By the time I was 10, I could do most anything in the house. I made the mistake of ironing one of Dad's white shirts better than my mom and after that it was my job (I still think it was rigged). I had to iron 6 of them each week. I didn't do babysitting since my grandmother had a house on our property and was quite willing to sit with us whenever necessary. I did lots of cooking and cleaning also, but mostly cooking. My siblings have sad tales about our growing up, but those blamed on me are ALL fibs. My mom thought I should always be busy, but never gave me a list, just gave me one job at the time and I thought that was cruelty. I did get back in some ways, like when my sister and I were doing the dishes and I went to the bathroom with my book and stayed til she finished them. Whatever the thoughts were then, we are fabulous friends now and look forward to getting together with or without our dh's whenever we can. We do agree that mom was a taskmaster!
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Big Dog, that really rings a bell. When I was in high school, one morning my mom got up. My two youngest sisters were still in bed, it was me and my next younger sis and my dad, all getting ready for school. Sis and Dad are real grumps in the morning, I tend to awake happy until the world does something to change that. Mom took one look around the kitchen. Dad's sour puss. Sister's sour puss. She looked at me and said, "you know what? I'm not getting up for this crew any more. Claire, I'm sorry, I love you, but you are on your own." Then she went back to bed (she continued to get up and get my little sisters off to school, but an hour later when she didn't have to put up with sour dispositions). To this day I applaud her decision that morning!
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We also cleaned a lot. In the summer or other school breaks, we "really" cleaned (that is vacuum cleaning, mopping, furniture polish, the works) on Mon-Wed-Fri. On Tue-Thurs-Sun after church we ran the "carpet sweeper" and a duster. I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and believe me, we tried to convince Mom of that. But quite often Sunday meant guests and that meant the house had to be immaculate. Saturday wound up being our "day of rest" (no, we were Catholic, not Jewish), when we had all our friends running in and out, sleepovers, etc. So if you wanted to find our household a mess, it was probably on Saturday afternoon. We were the "go to" house for our friends; they preferred to be at our house rather than their own. So those Saturdays were over-flowing. But nowadays that house-cleaning routine would be considered child abuse!
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Old 09-10-2006, 07:09 AM   #28
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I know this is really child abuse: We were not allowed to do anything until homework was done. Period. So there were no after school activities. Period. Homework. You come home, you don't go to your room, you sit at the dining room table. You work until it is done. THEN you can (go to the playground, call your friends, etc).
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Originally Posted by Alix
LOL!! I DO!! My Dad called me his remote control!
Not only did you and I have the same mother, but now it seems as if we had the same father as well.

He used to say "why do you think we had kids" when he would use us as a remote control or to go downstairs to get his tools for him.
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I used to try to "keep peace" in the family. I was the eldest of four girls. My next youngest sister was the ****-raiser. Mom used to actually get angry with me for "taking the fall". It was easier to take the spanking or whatever punishment rather than living through the day or three that my sister could sulk when she got caught. It didn't last long, Mom has good kid sense and caught on quickly that "Claire wouldn't do that, XXX has to have done it." She'd seat me in between my two younger sisters to keep them from fighting -- even if it meant that I had to sit on the "hump" in our station wagon (I was very tall).

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