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Old 07-02-2008, 02:44 PM   #1
Executive Chef
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Hell's Kitchen

Anyone watch this show, Hell's Kitchen? It is down to two finalists and I would like to know your opinion on who you think will get it? My brother has started watching and doesn't know how anyone could work under those conditions with the Chef Ramsay yelling all the time. i told him that it probably goes on in most kitchens of restaurants. The one girl is from Missouri and has gone to school for cooking. I do like to watch the dishes they prepare and the whole elimination thing but I thought last night was the final and now have to wait till next week. I just hope it will be recorded as I won't be here next week. Isn't that always the way?


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Old 07-02-2008, 02:45 PM   #2
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If you miss it, you can go here :)

Fox On Demand

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Old 07-02-2008, 03:13 PM   #3
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I.T.K., I thought last night was the last too.
What a waste. 3/4 of show was re-showing clips from the past. It wasn't a tease. It was boring.
Clearly CHEF R. thinks the guy is a PIG, and the girl has won 9 different challenges.
So, even though I'm usually wrong, I'll have to vote for her.
I don't think either was a very strong candidate though.

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Old 07-02-2008, 03:24 PM   #4
Executive Chef
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I agree, I cant imagine having either one of them running my restaurant under my name and reputation. I assume they dont get as much responsibility or power as they make it seem. It appears The guy is kinda laid back and the girl has an attitude and can be the B word. But judging from Ramsey's demeanor, maybe thats what he wants. But, she is kinda young, and im not sure how that would fly in a kitchen trying to get respect. Guess we will find out next week.

Im also looking foward to the kitchen disaster show, because he filmed it a a restaurant in my town, and im curious to see if anyone i know was there durng the filming. I actually wanted to stop by there after they filmed , but im not crazy about the new menu. The old menu seemed to be more up my alley
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Old 07-02-2008, 03:32 PM   #5
Head Chef
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Petrozzo should get it because of his age and experience, but the girl will win.
PIG FOULMOUTH "Chef" Ramsey likes his wimmen! (At least that's my opinion from
watching 3 seasons and watching him).

That said, neither one impresses me.

Neither does Ramsey. Where does he get off telling them that to run a kitchen they
must be mean and bossy and foul mouthed?
Based on the way he treats and trains these poor schmucks, I wouldn't eat in any
of his establishments, even if it is all for TV. No respect for the man.
I do watch the show, however, like a train wreck attracts gawkers, LOL!
And I like kitchen disasters.

OK, mini rant over, all opinons are mine and not the owners or moderators of DC.com. ;)
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Old 07-02-2008, 03:57 PM   #6
Senior Cook
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My take on CR is a little different. I see him as a coach who is trying to make his team better. They all yell and swear and threaten and throw things and generally act like jack asses.

However, if it didn't work more often than not, they wouldn't do it.

Cooking in a busy restaurant, particularly an upscale restaurant, puts the staff under tremendous pressure. Both the service and the food have to be excellent, and the difference between excellent food and dried out salmon is about 45 seconds in a hot pan.

So I think he is purposely testing them under extreme pressure, because that is what the job will be.
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Old 07-02-2008, 04:01 PM   #7
Chef Extraordinaire
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Originally Posted by GrillingFool View Post
OK, mini rant over, all opinons are mine and not the owners or moderators of DC.com. ;)
No problem, that's already stated in our Community Policies

I think the girl will win also.

Ramsey is that way because it sure is a quick learn - you learn and don't want to have to hear the wrath again. There are plenty of kitchens like that, certainly not all of them. The only time I saw the chef I worked under get that infuriated was when he made 11 filets - well, it was his fault - it was just a two-top and that's a major rule - always look at the number of people at the table before you go cooking a large qty like that and the extra 1 was actually a piece of dill that got stuck to the ticket

He threw all the extras on the floor - we even to offered to pay cost so he wouldn't actually lose any money - nope, not good enough - everyone got slinged against a wall and fell on the floor.

"Count yourself...you ain't so many" - quote from Buck's Daddy
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Old 07-02-2008, 09:26 PM   #8
Head Chef
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Ramsey actually told the last three essentially that they weren't being mean enough
when they were "running" the line. There is no reason for that.
I've been a manager of low and high end employees, worked in a fair number of
kitchens, and you DO catch more flies with honey.
Maybe it was all just for "good TV", but he lost all of my respect as a manager of people.
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Old 07-03-2008, 07:06 AM   #9
Assistant Cook
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Think Petrozza has got it. He's without a doubt the better chef, and seemed to run things well. That said... He's got JEN on his team, so look out!
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Old 07-03-2008, 07:15 AM   #10
Sous Chef
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I watch it. I think the first season was better. no drama jsut struggling cooks looking to advance there career. now its those wannabes i guess you can call them.

I think petrozza will win and should win but I am like enough with teh risotto. Do something that isnt known on hells kitchen.

I think christina is still i nschool at hte CIA. While its a good school she doesnt have much expereince.

either way the final is always good and i think Jen is going to mess it up.

I told my freind when we watched it that I would just go a person down then have either jen or matt on my team.

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