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Question Appliance advice urgently needed

I'm finally getting around to rebuilding my house on the Mississippi Gulf Coast so when I get to the kitchen part I'm obviously going to need everything. The house I'm building will be a small cottage style 1 BR house so space utilization and kitchen efficiency are major concerns. However, the information out there has caused me such a sensory overload that I now have an swollen heart and an enlarged head - and I don't mean it's made me any smarter. If anyone out there could help me here with a couple of basic questions I would be most grateful.

1) If wall ovens were sports cars then the one I would like the most would be the GE Monogram ZET1SLSS (racks slide out on roller bearings and it looks really neat). However, Consumer Reports gave it a luke warm review but the model they reviewed was for a ZET1SOL1[SS]. What's frustrating, though, is that there ain't no stinking ZET1SOL1[SS]! See GE Monogram Collection: Appliances: Built-In Single Wall Ovens. So was that an old review or what? Does anyone out there actually have a ZET1SLSS??? Ever heard of one?

2) I'm also interested in the Monogram Speed Cooking Advantium. Is there any reason to get the 240v model instead of the 120v model ($1000 difference)?

3) The above appliances are described with a language and dizzying array of terms that is totally foreign to me. What is the difference between:
- integrated and electronic convection?
- trivection and "speed cooking" technology?
If I can find and install a combination electronic convection stainless steel tri-vecting speed cooking double wall oven will I be breaking any federal laws or violating local statutes?

4) The refrigerator I'm interested in is the counter depth side by side LG LRSC21935TT. Any inputs on LG refrigerators?

5) For washer - dryer I'm looking at the LG Steam Washer WM2487HRM type. Thumbs up or down?

6) Haven't thought much yet about vent hoods, trash compactors, and dishwashers.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help,


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Hey, Elton. Welcome to DC. Several of our members have been through a kitchen remodeling recently. I trust one of them will be along soon to offer an opinion.

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Alton Brown likes GE monogram. I don't like GE at all. Not liking Frigidaire much anymore either. Look to THermador Dakor Wolf Kitchenaide Miele Sears Pro. LG fridges caught fire a while back...don't know if they're anybetter now. (So don't go Sears fridge LG..)
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Old 05-15-2007, 01:55 PM   #4
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Welcome Elton and good luck with your rebuild. The model number question puzzled me a few years ago when we were shopping for some new appliances. I called the manufacturer direct and confronted them about the issue. The verbal response I got was that they issue a specific model number code to some of large retail outfits. For example: I found identical GE stoves at places like Lowes and Sears. I matched the specs with the online catalog that had yet a different model number. They were all the same item so I went with the best price and service.
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Old 05-15-2007, 03:14 PM   #5
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Model Numbers do change so best thing to do is to go to a large appliance store that has a good reputation and a lot of different brands. Here in Chicago we have ABT and you can actually order stuff from their website too. It's an awesome place and the variety of appliances is mind boggling plus they ship anywhere in the US and best thing you can see all the latest models that are available.

Mongoram comments - I don't have a Monogram oven but do have a large all refrigerator Monogram unit ( pricey one) and I absolutely love it. I have had great luck with all my GE appliances (even in my older house) but as with any appliance (even subzero, wolf, viking etc. that cost a pretty penny ) you should always get warranty. It's a peice of equipment and if your luck is not in your favor atleast your warranty covers you.

I have high end Kenmore appliances (not sure what that line is called) but it's all stainless with all the bells and whistles made by Kitchen Aid and marketed as Kenmore. I could not be more thrilled. I have been using my oven, cooktop, warming drawer, dishwasher day in and day out for almost 3 years now and they not only look as good as new but have been totally problem free.

You may want to check them out as well because you may save some money. I also hear great reviews of the Kenmore Trio. A lot of people have that refrigerator and love it.

I personally am not a huge fan of side by side refrigerators (LG or whatever brand). It just is not practical for my type of cooking or storing of food. I could barely fit anything in that narrow/awkward refrigerator space and even in the freezer.

I am lucky to have a 36 inch all refrigerator unit but if I could not afford that one I would have gone with something like a Trio.

All the best.
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Ge ?????????

Originally Posted by Robo410
GE monogram. I don't like GE at all. Not liking Frigidaire much anymore either.
Thanks for the input, Robo - but why not???
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Good luck with your rebuilding! I love my Kenmore appliances - If I had it to do over I would go with the stainless finish instead of the Black I have now. It shows every little dust mote & careless smear!
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I have a friend who is an appliance repairman, and he has worked on all kinds of refrigeraters, both domestic and commercial. He says Amana is the best refrigerator made. He also recommends AGAINST side by side, as a lot of cold air is lost every time you open the freezer door, and AGAINST a drink and ice dispenser in the door, because they give so much trouble. I got an Amana with a freezer drawer and icemaker in the bottom, and a filtered water dispenser inside the top. It's has a stainless steel front and black sides, to go with my other appliances.

You can't beat Whirlpool or Kenmore (also made by Whirlpool) for washers and dryers. I also have a Kenmore glass topped stove, and love it...it's the best stove I've ever had. The Kenmore dishwasher is quite efficient, also, and has not given us a single problem.
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Except for our Jenn-Air dishwasher we bought at the Salvation Army trift store for $15, all our major appliances are Whirlpool. We are more than happy with them and when we redo our kitchen, we'll definitely get Whirlpool again. Our washer/dryer and upright freezer are Whirlpool, too. All quality appliances.

When we moved into this house, there was a side-by-side refrigerator. I've never been more frustrated with a refrigerator in my life. It was a constant challenge trying to fit larger containers in it. Hated the freezer part, too. Feel the whole concept of this type of refrigerator is very inefficient.

We now have a nice large "regular" refrigerator with multiple adjustable shelves and couldn't be more pleased.

You mention that you are building a modest home. When it comes to saving space, I couldn't be happier with our "stacked" washer/dryer. Until we moved into this house, I had had the traditional seperate washer and dryer. I didn't realize that a full-sized washer and dryer were available in the stacking configuration. We had to do it here because of the available space.

I LOVE my set. If I'd known many years ago what I know now, I would've chosen a stack model hands down.
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Both my refrigerator and chest freezer are Frigidaire, and although they are nothing special, just palin everyday units, they have behaved respectibly for the few years that I have had them. The warranties ran out at least twice now, perhaps 3 times, according to the extended warrantie offers I keep getting from Frigidaire but never respond to, and they've never broken, except for those bars that hold stuff on the door shelves of the fridge. I have had to replace them several times because I have a tendency to lose my temper when something I know was in there has disappeared and slam the door. HARD! Fortunately, I haven't had that problem since Plague of Locusts got married and moved away.

On another note, does anyone know anything about Gaffers & Sattlers stoves, and especially microwave ovens? They are no longer in business, and my microwave just went Phhhfft! overnight a few months ago. The interior light comes on when you open the door, so it has power, but the entire front panel is blacked out: No digital clock and the buttons don't work. I would repair/replace it, but like I said, G&S went out of business and I can't find anyone local that knows how to repair them. The microwave and vent hood are an intregal part of the stove, and the stove and vent hood work perfectly, so I do not want to replace the entire unit. All I can think of doing it to wait for someone else in the condo complex to replace their stove, if they all haven't already done so, and snatch the microwave out of it.

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