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Neverless 09-26-2008 05:43 PM

Lime Chicken
Here's something quite nice and perfect for wraps

Place however many Raw unfrozen checken preasts into a large pot, then measure out 1 cup of soy sauce, one cup of water, 2 tblspns of lime juice and a tblspn of crushed chiliflakes. these measurements work for about 3 chickenbreasts not overlapping in the pot, so the liquid should be just above the breasts. boil with lid on untill cooked.

I love to slice these up and put them in wraps with cucumbers, tomatoes, rice, and thai sweet chili sauce or homemade avacado dressing.

Recipe for avacado dressing, three avacado's, and a tblspn of lime juice in a blender, while blending gradually add add half a liter of olive oil so it doesnt seperate, (ammount of olive oil may vary, I never measure when I make it, so you may have to experiment) and then done, it makes enough to fit in a squeeze bottle to store in the fridge.

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