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Snip 13 08-25-2011 04:59 AM

Dinner Thursday 25th of August
Not in the mood for cooking today so it's gonna be store bought fishcakes with veggies on the side in my house!

DaveSoMD 08-25-2011 05:48 AM

The plan was for pasta and veg with garlic oo/butter sauce, but the weather forecast is calling for rain today so I may have to make a change and go for something more in the "comfort food" category.

Aunt Bea 08-25-2011 06:10 AM

Pasta e Fagioli - Sinatra style (My Way!)

pacanis 08-25-2011 06:16 AM

The chicken breast should be thawed today, so last nights plans are now tonight's plans.

Andy M. 08-25-2011 06:54 AM

Leftover roast chicken in one form or another. I'll probably make myself a quesadilla. SO will probably have a salad or a sandwich.

SherryDAmore 08-25-2011 07:43 AM

Have to pick up son's car from the garage today, so we'll have Mexican restaurant.

Snip 13 08-25-2011 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by SherryDAmore (Post 1041308)
Have to pick up son's car from the garage today, so we'll have Mexican restaurant.

Won't a whole restaurant be hard to swallow? :lol:
Just kidding, I know what you meant by it :smile:

Uncle Bob 08-25-2011 09:10 AM

Just put on a pot of pink-eye purple hulls with bacon and tasso..They are smellin so gooooooood....
Gonna cook up some yellow squash/onions later...the very last from the garden :( ........
Will make a pone of cornbread at the last minute....
Fixin to cut up a chicken to fry. too.......
Maybe a Musgo or two....
Slices of Vidalia onion and tomatoes.....
A small bowl of Blue Bell Chocolate Ice Cream later......
That should do it........

DMerry 08-25-2011 09:17 AM

Ham steak, corn and a salad.

Zhizara 08-25-2011 09:52 AM

I've got a couple of little 4 oz. fillets of pollack for dinner.

This morning, I'll make up some garlic butter with dill and sherry, put in the dried off fillets, turn them to coat both sides and marinate in the fridge until dinnertime.

I made some fish this way last month and the second half had marinated in the garlic butter overnight. Way better.

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