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    Greasing the pan question

    Some folks grease the pan first and then line with the parchment paper. I always figured this was to stick the paper to the pan so it remains totally flat. Sometimes it's hard to get whatever you are cooking into the pan if the parchment paper is trying to curl up.
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    Question About Dieting

    I just tried the USDA supertracker and its database has nowhere near as many items as some of the other sites, e.g. myfitnesspal. For example, I just tried to find havarti cheese and there's nothing listed in the USDA search -- no havarti, none.
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    Solar Eclipse, August 2017

    We live in the direct path in the center of South Carolina but even told our relatives that this is not a place we'd come to for the eclipse. It's scheduled for mid-late afternoon here in August. Mid-late afternoons in August in South Carolina are most likely to be in the upper 90s and humid...
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    Chinese Dumpling Advice

    Switching to bread dough for filled pasta and asian wrappers has eliminated much heartache! Especially for making ravioli. I find I can make the wrappers thinner yet they're much less likely to fall apart with the higher gluten flour. Same for pot stickers. As to premade wrappers, I find the...
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    6/19/17 Meatless Monday, What Are You Having?

    Spanakopita with double the veggies I usually use. I make it relatively low fat (for spanakopita) by dabbing on olive oil (not butter) with my fingers. A whole recipe, which is two large meals' worth, uses only about 1/3 cup oil. Ingredients: 2 bags of spinach, a container of mushrooms, and a...
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    Sunday 6-18-17....what's for dinner?

    Stuffed Portobello & Poblano Supper was a portobello and a poblano, each stuffed with ground beef, veggies & cheese, with some brown rice. Very yummy.
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    6-16-17 Dinner

    Last night's supper: TJ's chili-lime chicken burgers, peas, red cabbage slaw. The red cabbage slaw was just red cabbage, chow-chow, and mayonnaise. Chow chow is a southern vegetable relish slightly tangier and spicier than regular pickle relish. The stronger taste stands up well to the red...
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    What's hiding behind the stove

    1. When replacing burner controllers while nursing a stove 'til the end. 2. When installing the new stove.
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    Difference between yellow and white nacho chips?

    Trader Joe's has an unsalted yellow corn tortilla chip. We buy them regularly and they are pretty good.
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    Make it simple

    That's a good point. Sometimes I think it should be like Coco Chanel was supposed to have recommended about accessorizing: remove one piece before leaving the house. I do love curries, etc., with lots of flavors but sometimes just a little bit does it. A few years ago there was a craze for...
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    Screwed up my Cornbread

    Butter and oil will result in slightly different textures and flavors but it should be quite edible.
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    When do you use your "good silverware?"

    I would have needed a beaker/mug, too. Surely, Hyacinth wouldn't have been comfortable with me touching the good stuff!
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    When do you use your "good silverware?"

    I went through a spate of collecting late-19th/early-20th century covered vegetable dishes made in the Ohio River Valley, which was the capital of tableware in that era. Homer Laughlin was one of the more productive firms, producing hundreds of different patterns and designs.
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    When do you use your "good silverware?"

    I never intended to have a separate set of "the good" flatware but I got them as a wedding present that had us all rolling on the floor. The flatware I bought myself (as opposed to the stuff my parents got me at an outlet for my first apartment) is pretty funny in and of itself. It's "Pisces"...
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    "Authentic" Fettuccine Alfredo

    Never underestimate the power of good pasta water! I always try to dip a cup measure into the pot to rescue some pasta water before draining. This is great stuff for finishing almost any pasta sauce!
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