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    Burger Patty additions

    The eggs and breadcrumbs also help to keep the burgers moist, but is more frequently done with meatballs or meat loaf.
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    Dinner Thursday Nov 18?

    I made a variant of sole meuniere.
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    Best thing you will make/have made today? Wed 11-17

    I picked up the smallest lamb chops I could find and broiled them. While they were resting, I made a Madeira reduction sauce. :chef:
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    What's for dinner Saturday 10/30/10

    Salmon with brown butter
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    Here in the States, we have at least two different species called red squirrels. One of them is also called a fox squirrel.
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    At least you're honest. :smile:
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    I haven't had squirrel in years. We used to put the cleaned squirrels, whole, into the crock pot and braise them. We served them on bread, like pulled pork.
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    ATK and Cook's Country

    I watch the shows because they still cook. All too many cooking shows are more about travel or socializing.
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    How to thicken yogurt?

    I'm no yogurt expert, and I've never used a crock pot. My first question is about temperature. What temp is the milk at when you shut off the heat, and when you add in the yogurt? Is the container still warm when the yogurt is finished? Here's how I make mine. Turn on the oven light, then...
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    How to thicken yogurt?

    My yogurt holds its shape and is quite firm. Can you share your recipe?
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    How to thicken yogurt?

    How thick do you want it to be?
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    How to thicken yogurt?

    I let mine culture overnight and it comes out thicker than any commercial yogurt. It is, of course, a gel and will separate if stirred.
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    Thursday's Dinner Table 10/14

    I did risotto again, and this time it wasn't crunchy.
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    ISO hard cheese substitute

    I frequently use chevre where other people would use PR.
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    What's cooking? Tuesday October 12th

    Tonight, I made linguine with my new pasta roller.
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