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    Dinner - Thursday, 5-28-15

    Did some fridge/pantry scavenging and decided upon this for dinner: Chicken Basil Sausage, Dreamfields Rotini pasta, Diced tomatoes of which I'll season and stew into a sauce, Italian cut Green Beans & Texas Toast. We're going to sit down and watch the Rangers/Red Sox game tonight on TV...
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    French Toast Advice needed

    Randy does the French Toast here, and he also uses butter in the pan over a medium heat. Comes out perfectly toasty each time. :yum: Around Christmas time he uses leftover Egg Nog as the base for it and Texas Toast for the bread. YUM (that is if there is any leftover...)
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    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    Same here. I prefer the taste & texture of using the whole tomato. If anyone prefers to skin/seed the tomato, feel free. The recipe was designed to be flexible to taste. :yum: A food processor or handy chopper make very quick and easy work, although I used to make it before I had either of...
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    Dinner Wednesday, 5-27-2015 ~ Hump-day Hungries

    Our plan is Top Sirloin on the indoor grill pan, deli style mac & cheese & sliced, sautéed tomatoes. Simple, yet delicious. :chef:
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    First big "Q" Weekend of the Year

    Cheryl, I sure wish we could! I know the California drought well as I was born and raised in San Diego. I'm sure hoping our drought in TX is over. All of our lakes are full and many over flood stage. I can't wait until we get that water pumped out of the backyard so that we can start...
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    Memorial Day

    Thank you to all who served! I just wanted to thank all DC members who have served in the military - USA and other countries, too. Your bravery is most appreciated. :smile:
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    Winner Winner What's for Dinner? May 26th

    We're making stuffed bell peppers tonight using orange bell peppers, ground beef, onion, tomatoes, & cheese. Also including a salad of spring greens and Vinaigrette dressing with fresh sliced tomatoes. :chef:
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    First big "Q" Weekend of the Year

    Couldn't do any Q'ing as we were totally rained out this weekend. We're in the area of the US getting way too much rain and flooding. We tried to go to the Renaissance Faire yesterday - and did for a couple of hours - but they evacuated us all just as the severe weather was starting. We're...
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    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    I've used canned in a pinch and they worked pretty well. I've even used dried cilantro in a pinch and people liked that one better. Plus the dried cilantro lasts longer. Cilantro is a totally optional ingredient. I love it, but I know folks who totally despise it. No worries. Big huge...
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    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    Every ingredient in the salsa is interchangeable, truth be told. If you can get some green tomatoes, it might be even tastier. Might want to add extra lime juice to get the citrus-y taste that the tomatillos bring to the party. I posted the Tapatio brand as that is our favorite, and some of...
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    What's your favorite vinegar?

    I currently have white wine, red wine, white distilled, malt, & apple cider vinegars. Need to get more balsamic & tarragon as I love those too. Each have their own uses. :smile:
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    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    I forgot - anyone here is free to repost this recipe as long as you give me the credit. Also, if you make any changes, please let me know as I'd love to try them. I knew someone who replaced all the tomato with pineapple and it was fantastic. The ingredient list was designed to be easily...
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    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    Friends, A few years back, Randy and I spent the better part of a weekend perfecting our fresh salsa. We never used a recipe before - just put the ingredients in to taste. Several of our friends wanted an actual recipe so that they could make it themselves. We thoroughly enjoyed eating the...
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    At what point can you claim a recipe as 'Your Own'?

    As a jewelry design and polymer clay artist, I've had the misfortune of someone copying my work. They didn't understand that my work held an intellectual copyright and blatantly copied my ideas and work. I had quit selling in a craft mall after that, as the "copier/thief" would have an exact...
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    Pork Loin Roast Tailor-Made for Maelinde

    Chief, Thank you! :smile: These recipes sound divine and delicious. :yum: I think Randy will appreciate them as well. No grilling outside for us right now, as our backyard is a tad bit flooded from all that rain we're getting in North Texas. Our Sci-Fi club's picnic has been rescheduled...
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