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    What is full serving of vegetables?

    You can treat vegetables like a freebie food. Just eat as many as you want. Of the not-overly-starchy kinds.
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    Mail a cake?

    I'm more amazed than anything that there was actually a helpful response on this subject. I can't quite imagine a successful cake-mailing. I imagine something more like cake-like-goop in a box.
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    What kind of Indian dishes do you like?

    Yeah it was a bit of a shock to me upon learning that Curry is actually just a word for spice. I mean, when I think curry I have a fairly specific idea of what it should taste like. I have yet to have an indian dish I haven't liked, though.
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    Get your Free Outback steak

    Every Outback in my area was closed down about a year or two ago. And I loved the place. It was like a discount steakhouse. How could you go wrong?
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    What would you make for breakfast if time wasn't an issue?

    "Breakfast burritos" loaded with a nice (somehwat over-)marinated steak, eggs, and a bit of bacon just for the heck of it. Sort of a fat guy breakfast, I guess. But absolutely fantastic.
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    Cooking myths

    One of the greatest myths I know of is that food needs to be complicated to be fancy. There is nothing better than something simple created with only two or three ingredients (spices included!) and presented in a beautiful way. Cooking is an art. A very, very simple art.
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    Great to see another Canadian!
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    What would you make for breakfast if time wasn't an issue?

    I'm going to make some homemade granola cereal, actually. That's a fantastic idea. I love cereal but can't quite handle how insanely processed even the healthiest versions often are.
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    What would you make for breakfast if time wasn't an issue?

    For the first week I'm making up a nice big omelette loaded up with fresh garden picked veggies, along with some homemade oven baked potatoes (as a substitute for "homefries.") But the thing is, I certainly want to get a bit more creative with it. When I was younger I did a lot of breakfast...
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    How long can I keep these for?

    I don't know about you guys but it makes me a little bit suspicious of honey that it will last forever. I don't trust things that don't die.
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    What would you make for breakfast if time wasn't an issue?

    If I had infinite time in the mornings I would almost certainly make a huge breakfast every morning. I'm going to be making it a commitment to myself that one day a week I'm going to make an elaborate breakfast. It's something I really miss from my younger years when time was a non-issue. So if...
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    Hi there!

    Welcome to DC, Josh! Enjoy it as much as I do, ok?
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    What to do with leftovers?

    The best thing to do is actually cook things where the leftovers can actually be used as an ingredient for the next thing. This way you're not eating "leftovers," really. For example, if I make fajitas for dinner, I will eat some sort of a stir fry the following day. Maybe toss on some cheese...
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    Hello and Birthday

    Well jees, just in case I miss you - happy birthday!
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    Bread machines

    If you're going to bother baking bread it's almost crazy to bother with a breadmaker. And who among us actually wants any more freaking appliances that only do one thing? Here's the deal, buy yourself one decent loaf pan and just work on your recipe until you've perfected it. Take one very...
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