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    Guacamole is not quite right

    I needed this thread. It struck me as funny, in a good way. Take out the flavor and it has no flavor. I tend to make things as I like them. Unless someone has an allergy or is staunchly against something, they usually come around, as long as it is tasty.
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    American Chop Suey

    Your Mom's is what we do. Yumm. Simple perfection.
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    Not cleaning the dishes for weeks, any problem?

    Just wash them. Very hot water. If that happens to my small appliances, I tend to toss them, but for dishes and pots and pans, there aren't usually enough places for the goo to hide. Then after cleaning the pans, just make sure you use them on a hot stove or oven. Dishes will usually come...
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    American Chop Suey

    It sounds like goulash. Would that make it Hungarian chop suey?
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    Summer gathering with different diets

    If you are doing a bbq, you can do kababs. Just put everything in separate containers and they can grab what they want. If allergies are serious enough, give each guest their own small tongs or forks. Then just be aware when they cook as to getting any seeds left on the grill.
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    Greens for Stir Fry

    I like to add snow peas and kale. Large leaf kale if I have it. The thing about greens is they cook fast. Put them in last.
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    Leaving the ethnic cooking to the ethnics

    You might want to relax. Asking tax lady to positively contribute is like asking Clint Eastwood to make a good movie. Maybe take it as just the laid back conversations we usually have here. Nobody is getting personal or being negative.
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    PBS's Great American Recipes

    Watching other shows, even as far back as his Hotel Hell show, he is actually a pretty nice guy. Of course, he doesn't suffer fools. If you put yourself out there as a chef, then you had better be one. To the non chef's and novice cooks, he is abrupt, but also patient. I like him. That...
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    ISO Air Fryer Advice

    What are some of the items you are having trouble with?
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    Pepsi cola or Coca cola?

    I drink diet Barq's. Tastes similar to the regular. Bummer is it doesn't have caffiene.
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    Arby's Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger And Strawberry Lemonade reviews...

    We just tried these. Tasted just like a Dairy Queen burger, which isn't a good thing. Not bad, not good, just way to expensive for a middling burger. That being said, any burger is good eats. Even a gas station burger in foil.
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    Advice on using an air fryer, cookbook

    Corn dogs and chicken thighs are two good things to start with. You will love it.
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    Non-Stick vs Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron Pans?

    Just try a few different utensils. You can get one of each for a few bucks each. It's really not worth the brainpower to fret about it.
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    Post Op

    Here's to a speedy recovery. I use lots if ice. I'll put it in my drinks, finish my drinks and then just sit and eat the ice. Not too much crunching it though. Hard on the teeth.
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    Why stainless steel cookware isn't as popular as the others?

    You've asked the same question on many different threads. It isn't life or death. Buy the pan you can afford. It will cook food. A 200 dollar stainless pan cooks food and a 15 dollar stainless pan cooks food. I have both. All bought used for like 7-15 dollars. I feel fortunate to live...
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