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Originally Posted by Greg Who Cooks View Post
BTW supermarket eggs are already washed. If you get any supermarket eggs that don't look clean you should either change the market or change the brand of eggs.

If you're going to eat steak tartare it would probably be a good idea to grind your own beef from whole parts, rather than use pre-ground.

Beef sushi eh?
I agree. I generally chop my beef as I like the texture better. If I am using a large quantity, then it goes through the grinder. My product also tastes better than the store bought stuff, and I know just how long it has sat before I cook it.

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Originally Posted by jtraveller1 View Post
Thanks so much for the responses. I have two more concerns, perhaps OCD induced.
I took the roast out of the freezer to thaw overnight in the fridge. As I was lookin for an adequate container, the roast sat out of the fridge and freezer for 10 or 15 minutes. I know one isnt supposed to thaw beef at room temperature and I was wondering if it was dangerous that my beef sat there before I got it into the fridge.
Also, when tearing the butcher paper off the frozen roast before putting it in the bowl, it seemed like some stuff might have flown from it around the kitchen as it took some effort to pull the paper off the frozen meat. Could it be dangerous if some beefy ice or little amounts of blood or meat flew off into one of my cupboards or onto a clean plate.
Should I wash the entire kitchen and all of it's contents?

Thanks again and sorry if these questions are silly :)
Hi Traveller,

If you go to the top of this forum you will find a "sticky" with many answers about food safety. These answers are from sources like the USDA, and other professional groups.

While I agree that there is a lot of needless concern over some practices, what worked for grandma doesn't necessarily work anymore. Maybe the biggest reason for this is that many pathogenic bacteria have mutated into very resistant and virulent strains.

One very good example is ground beef. Eating raw or undercooked ground beef was less of a concern before the new strain of E coli showed up and a common bacteria became a deadly one.

However, there is no cause to become paranoid about food. If you learn how food borne illness is caused, you will develop confidence in making decisions about different situations.

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You guys are great! Thanks :D
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I had to laugh at the thawing meat on the counter. In the winter, at night, my pantry is easily as cold as my fridge, and the kitchen counter almost as cold. Maybe next year I'll experiment, but I'd be willing to bet on a very cold winter night the same piece of meat on the counter and one in the fridge, the one on the counter will be still more frozen than the one in the fridge! I have to take any olive or peanut oil from my pantry and put it in my closest cupboard to the stove or it solidifies.

And people wonder why I won't have granite counter tops.
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I remember sneaking pinches of raw ground burger behind my moms back when she was preparing dinner. I used to cover them with salt and pepper and gobble them back. I'm still here....
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Cracks me up. One of my sibs has hated "hamburger" (what we called all ground meat, but of course when I was a kid, the only ground meat was beef) through her entire life. She hated chili, she hated spaghetti sauce (both were always made with ground beef when we were kids). She hated hamburgers (my father didn't like them much either, so I thought it was a rare treat), meatballs, Swiss steak, meatballs, meat loaf. We were a family with a sergeant as a father and budget meals were the rule. So meals could be a crisis. Ironically, she does then and still does love raw meat. One time Mom Got us all in the car and realize sis had a pound of hamburger, raw, with her. She'd been eating it as we went through the commissary! Raw! Something she couldn't get her to eat cooked at all. She was furious at the time (yes, Mom went back to the commissary and paid for it).

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beef, eggs

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