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Not unless you were pouring vats & vats of the stuff onto your pile, which is unlikely unless you were hauling cauldrons home from a commercial kitchen - lol!

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good to know

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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
I tried when I first moved here, but there really wasn't a place sunny enough to work without having a compost heap withing vision and smell of our entertaining area. So we gave up.
from my decades of gardening and composting experience.... sun is not "required" - one can substitute "time" for "sun"

put it in a heap, wait.

now, if one is insistent on producing finished compost in 90 days, then one has to pay a lot of attention to brown/green mix, temp, moisture, aeration, yadda yadda yadda.

or one can just put it in a heap and wait.

all the "intense effort / trouble" only makes the "same stuff happen faster" - in the end, it all becomes compost.

I have always needed my sunny spot to grow things. so my compost has never been in a sunny area - quite the opposite - like _total_ shade. takes longer, is a whole lot easier on the back, no pitch fork required.

fats, especially animal fats, are high in calories - and are eagerly sought out by carnivores / omnivores - including all the aforementioned critters.

not that I have a specific dislike of skunks - only when I let the dog out at ten PM to have a tet-a-tet with a skunk do I experience seriously negative reactions. hence no fats - animal or vegetable - no meat - no dairy - essentially vegetable peelings/trimmings only in my compost heap....
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we can't just put it in a heap and wait here, it's way too dry. we just end up with dried grass and leaves. we'd have to water it every day, which kind of defeats the purpose of making compost. We would need a semi-closed container, or better yet, just go buy it cheaply at the dump.

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Good job GB!

I compost at home. I started with some homemade compost barrels. however, that didn't work out so well for me. The compost never got dry enough and it always ended up in these huge balls of mucky non-composted leaves.

I have switched over the just having two piles of composting materials. I only add to one at a time. They are in the shade and have NEVER stunk. After nearly a year, it looks like I'll be able to get my first batch of compost. I am excited about that.

My wife was concerned about the smell when I first started composting, but she has completely forgotten about that worry. If you make sure you're not adding to many grass clippings or kitchen scraps, you don't have to worry about it. I also make sure to bury my new additions to the pile under some leaves.
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Smile reply

hahhahaha. you dont need to be ashamed, seriously it happens to almost every one(i used to be like that before).My grandma in the Philippines used to do that and it makes me wonder why she exerts effort until i discover they are using the soil for gardening. i am composting too. but only those that are biodegradable. i recycle the plastic bags that i got or sell them to those who are interested

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