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How to Bake Crispy Chicken Wings?

Hello. I am currently trying to replicate a chicken wing recipe that I tried while on vacation. The basic goal is to get sauced and baked chicken wings to be crispy.

Here's what I am doing now:

1) toss the wings in a seasoned flour (garlic powder, salt, pepper, cayenne) and let the coating firm up in the refrigerator for an hour.

2) Mix equal parts butter, Louisiana-style hot sauce, and tomato paste and dip the wings in the mixture

3) Place on grilling racks and bake for 30 minutes at 450 C, turning them over after 20 minutes.

I'm pretty happy with the flavour of the wings but the end result is not crispy enough (still a little saucy). I was thinking about adding some fine bread crumbs to the butter/sauce/paste mixture but I am looking for any suggestions anyone might have.



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Just curious, was the chicken you had on vacation also baked?

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Chicken wings are generally sauced after they are cooked.

Bake your wings and then toss them in a bowl with the sauce.
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You can't expect crispy results when liquids are added prior to baking. Yes, crispy chicken under the layer of sauce is a nice effect. Try applying koshering salt rather lavishly and leaving uncovered int he refrigerator all day or all night on paper towels. The surface should come out dry, but this sort of dry brining should keep some moisture inside the pieces so the interior doesn't dry so badly.

I'd leave out the flour and just brush them lightly with oil and bake them after they come to room temperature. At that point, they should be as crispy as baking can get them. Then, the sauce with enough body to stick can be applied and with the seasonings that used to be with the flour, and they can go back in the oven to bake it on.
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Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
Chicken wings are generally sauced after they are cooked.

Bake your wings and then toss them in a bowl with the sauce.

I agree!

We bake em at 425 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour with just a light coating of oil and turn them halfway through baking. Then we shake them in a tupperware type bowl with a tight fitting lid. The sauce is just butter, hot sauce and cayenne pepper to taste.
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Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
Chicken wings are generally sauced after they are cooked.

Bake your wings and then toss them in a bowl with the sauce.

Or as Bea says sauce them at some middle point during the baking. I haven't done this recipe but I would look for signs of crispness already developing before saucing them.
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I used to make oven wings all the time for Superbowl parties. And they came out as if they were grilled. After you bake the sauce onto them, stick them under the broiler to caramelize the sauce and crisp up. Watch carefully and flip once. You can toss them in more sauce after you pull them out if you wish.
Actually, for the amount of wings I was making I added one more step, I par-boiled them first. The three B's method: boil, bake and broil. You can turn out a lot of wings this way, but the kitchen sure does get hot. The next day I used the liquid to make chicken soup with.
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unless you really like the taste of breaded wings, nix the flour.

lightly dust the wings (if you must) with a dry spice rub, then put in the broiler pan in your oven at the hghest slot position, the closest to the flame or element. let broil for about 5 minutes, flip and rearrange the ones that are browned the least with the ones least cooked. let broil another 5 minutes, and flip and rearrange again. the idea is to have all of the wings roughly evenly browned.
let broil 2 minutes, and flip and rearange again. a final flip for the ones that aren't done through may be necessary.

remove wings and toss in a bowl containing about a cup per 2 dozen wings of a mixture of franks red hot sauce and melted butter.

more later, sorry, baseball practice calls.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I not sure if the wings I had on vacation were bake for the whole cooking process, but the sauce was definitely cooked into the wings which is what I am looking for. The end result doesn't have to be super crispy but I want the sauce to be fully cooked in and not messy at all. Is the flour coating preventing the sauce from fully crisping in to the wings? I'm only using it to help the sauce stick to the wings throughout the cooking process.

I like the idea of saucing them half way through. I'm cooking them in a convection oven right now. Would broiling them in a toaster oven to finish them be better for making them crispy? Thanks again.
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I make baked wings for my brother who has a hard time with fried foods.

for the ultimate crispy baked wing:

do not flour the wings,

Place them in a deep baking pan as so the grease does not run off. Cook the wings in a coventional oven at 425 for about 50-75 minutes, draining the juices periodically. That is the key part, if you dont drain the juices the chicken will get rubbery. I also add a seasoned salt/paprika rub on the wings after they are about half way done. Continue cooking to desired level of crispness. Definitely sauce the wings after they are cooked fully.

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