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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
My mum used to take those biscuits where the dough comes in a tube to make donuts. She cut the hole out of the middle and deep fried them in oil, then sprinkled sugar or ice sugar on them. We loved them.
You don't have to cut out a hole, just poke a hole with your finger and stretch them out a little, from the hole out with 2 fingers.

Craig made us stop using the tube biscuits or the frozen ones because he said they started leaving a funky aftertaste in his mouth, even the crescents.

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Originally Posted by Zhizara View Post
I'm lazy and a creature of habit. I just use Bisquick or Jiffy baking mix, and make drop biscuits.

But... although the directions say to use an ungreased pan, I always spray with cooking oil. It makes for easier cleaning, and doesn't affect the biscuits at all.
Bisquick actually makes pretty good biscuits. If I am going to cut them out instead of dropping them, I flour the board with Biscuick. One box and one spoon. So quick and easy.

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Originally Posted by Camille.. View Post
Did she use liquid vegetable oil or laurd, I make a well also with the amount of flour : 2 3/4 cups , oil 1/2 cup , & 1 cup + a smidge more until The dough has the right texture, then I pull chunks of dough , hand roll & pat down gently in pan. Some people say use half laurd & half butter; they only become crumbly when I reheat them. I use White Lilly self rising flour, the rise beautifully , look & taste great; They only become crumbly when reheated.
I'm thinking that technique and oil are the two problems here.

Check out this video and recipe for biscuits: Our Best Ever Buttermilk Biscuit - Southern Living

Self rising flour, buttermilk and frozen shredded butter. Pay attention to the folding and rolling process. In my experience this is key to building flaky layers, rather than crumbles.

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Originally Posted by mollyanne View Post
I would like to make some southern biscuits using these ingredients but I don't know how much to use of each. Any ideas? Then, after I roll them out, should I let them sit for awhile or bake them right away? Thanks for your help.

Enriched Wheat Flour
Carbonated Water
Dry Buttermilk
Baking Powder
(that's right...no salt, no trans fat)
If your baking powder is the same formula as ours (don't ask, I don't know) I think you should bake them immediately. I have a friend who freezes her biscuits/scones ("two nations divided by a common language") as soon as they are mixed and cut out to bake as she needs them. Passable but not the same as freshly made ones.

Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by Sir_Loin_of_Beef View Post
The easiest biscuit recipe:

Get thee behind me satan . My mother would come back to haunt me if I used anything like that!

It's so quick to make your own biscuits/scones that it isn't worth the expense to buy the pre-packed dough (and you have to find space in the recycling bin for the container).
Donít look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Stomp along and switch the bl**dy thing on yourself.
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I've been converted to this fool-proof, two ingredient method: stir together equal parts by weight self-rising flour (preferably a southern brand like Lily White) and heavy cream. That's it.

Cut into biscuits and bake 10-12 minutes @ 450F.

You can easily adjust the recipe by how many you want to make or how much of an ingredient you have. For example, I find 100g of each ingredient makes 4 medium biscuits; 150g makes 4 large biscuits. When I get to the end of the heavy cream container, I just pour that in the bowl first and add the same weight of s-r flour. If I'm low on the flour, I put it in the bowl first.

I set the scale to grams because it's easier to do the numbers that way. 100g is about 3 1/2 ounces. A cup of flour is usually between 115 and 150 grams depending on how vigorously you scoop it. 100g of cream is about 4.5/10th of a cup. Grams are definitely easier. All you need is a cheap kitchen scale.

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